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 Explain the Fiverr website in detail and how to earn more than $ 300 per month, step by step from providing mini-services

 About the site

Fiverr is one of the most famous international micro-services sites and was called by this name because the price of the service in it starts from only 5 dollars for any service, and 5 dollars is the opening price for services on the site, meaning that there are services that exceed 5 dollars and may reach 100 dollars according to The type and quality of service and its additional features.

And you can get any service you need from a professional logo or logo for your site, design or translation, and in the absence of the service you want on the site, you can request the service from the requests section, and then the service providers on the site will respond to you with price offers in exchange for advantages Certain in the service and then you can choose what suits you.

Therefore, if you want to build your own project and do not have the time and effort, just register on the Fiverr website and request the services with which you build your project from the ground up. Thus, you will save a lot of time and effort, and you will get excellent services at simple prices that suit you and start your project quickly and successfully. Fiverr acts as an intermediary between the service provider (seller) and the service requester (buyer), as it guarantees the rights of both parties and protects them from being exposed to fraud or fraud.

Services That Can be Bought and Sold on Fiverr

Design on Fiverr

Design or design is one of the best and most important services provided on microservice sites such as Fiverr and Five, because there are many services provided on Fiverr, as well as the services that are constantly required on the microservice sites, and one of the most famous design services on

  • Fiverr is a logo design.
  • Template design.
  • Design and enhance photographs
  • Remove photo back ground
  •  Personal card design.
  • Design menus for restaurants or cafes.
  • Brochure Design and more...

Blogging and Writing Articles

Writing and blogging are one of the most important, best, and most requested services on microservice sites, where a person asks to write an article about a specific thing, and then you provide the service to that person and put the appropriate price in it. The the most important thing that distinguishes it is that you determine the price of the article according to the number of words So, for example, a 500-word article for $5, a 1500-word article for $10, and so on.

And certainly, the quality of the content depends on your creative abilities in creating content that attracts the reader, so you must give inspiring ideas in your posts, which gives you a special character and be in great demand towards writing articles, which enhances your profit rate.

Email Marketing Services

E-marketing on Google and social media platforms is one of the most in-demand marketing and promotion services on micro service sites, where many ask to make funded ads or promote sites for them or a specific page and make ads on Facebook or Instagram and of course Google Ads, if you have experience In the field of marketing on Facebook or Google Ads, the Fiverr website is your best opportunity to provide that service to many people and get your profits in return.

If you want to learn Facebook ads step by step to benefit you first, then you can provide e-marketing services on Fiverr and Fiverr

Some Other Services

   1.   Business and Finance Services

    2.  Studies and research.

   3.  Marketing advice.

   4. Programming and development services.

  5.  Java and .NET programming.

  6.CSS and HTML programming.

  7. Development of websites and forums.

  8.  Learn programming.

   9.  Help with homework.

  10   SEO services.

 11.  Electronic trade.

  12.  Promotional articles and publishing.

   13.  Writing and translation services.

How do I earn from Fiverr as a service provider (seller)?

You can achieve respectable material profits via the Internet, especially through the Fiverr website, and by using Fiverr, you are not obligated to be a specialist to work through it. Seriousness and continuity and some important tips that you should keep in mind are enough.

  • You must browse the entire site from lists and windows, know all the data, access the sellers’ accounts, and know the most important features that distinguish them and the best services that make a profit.
  • Learn more about the site's policies and how to use them and know the most important rules so as not to be banned from the site..
  • Learn more about Fiverr, how to use it, and the best ways to profit from it, and you will find ways to profit from Fiverr at the end of the post.

Work on determining the field in which you excel, or at least an area you love so that you can learn more and be able to provide the services you love and donate it later.

From here, you can start providing your first service on Fiverr

  • The most important tips for the new user “the first service provider on Fiverr”
  • It is better than the username is your real name, as this leads to more confidence in you by buy.
  • Provide exclusive, new, innovative, and non-copy services.
  • It is better that your service is in the classical Arabic language.
  • Try to provide assistance to the applicant as much as you can.
  • Determine the number of days that suit you to deliver the service and be reasonable for the service.
  • Do not submit the service before it is complete and at the highest level of efficiency, as this will lead to the suspension of your account directly.
  • Clarify your service specifications such as what you will do in your service and answer all expected questions, no one will buy an opaque service.

Important warning, you should not copy the services of another user, the copied service will be completely deleted, while you like a service on the site, you can put your professional fingerprint in it and then re-put it for sale, as this opens the door to competition.

The First Way

Is to sell a service on Fiverr that you buy from a site that competes with Fiverr at a price less than your selling price, and make the difference as a net profit for you. First, look for a specific service at a low price on one of the competing sites, then put it on Fiverr at a higher price, and when the buyer requests your service, buy it and transfer it to him. Here are some of the competing sites

The Second Method is To

Buy a digital product from Fiverr and resell it,Such as buying source codes for Android games and reselling them on Fiverr or on the aforementioned competing sites.Methods of Withdrawing Profits

This site provides the ability to withdraw your money through two large banks, Pioneer and PayPal, and the minimum withdrawal in Pioneer is $20. And the minimum payment for PayPal is 4 dollars.



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