5 Reasons Why you Should decide to learn English Today

 5 Reasons Why you Should decide to learn English Today

English is the universal language par excellence and today it has many useful applications, both in the workplace and in the social and cultural fields. As a universal language it is also one of the most studied in the world, this because people have understood all the advantages that can be obtained when you speak several languages ​​and especially one as popular as English.

Learning English has become a requirement in such a competitive world. If you DO NOT speak English fluently, your job options are Limited. Currently companies are hiring to work from home, and in most it is a requirement to know English.

Today there are no excuses to learn English, there are courses that help you with 100% online methodologies to learn this valuable language, unfortunately it is difficult to distinguish good courses from those that are not worth it.

Before going to see the 5 reasons we would like to give you this information about a 100% online course that is worth its weight in gold. This is the I learn English course with Natalie Maldonado , this program taught by native professionals from English-speaking countries will help you speak English in just 30 days (incredible, right?) And if this language still doesn't convince you or it doesn't seem so necessary, read on and find out the 5 reasons why you should decide to learn English today:

1.More job opportunities

We start this list with a reason that may seem obvious to you, but that is also the most important: job opportunities.

One of the best economies in the world is the American one and, as such, it is the one that offers the best sources of employment for nationals and foreigners. Especially in the last decade and with the rise of telecommuting, companies in the US are now looking for support personnel all over the world and one of the mandatory requirements to hire is, of course, proficiency in English.

2. Internationalize your business

Many brands and SMEs around the world seek to expand and now they know that the only way to do it is by learning English and using it as a base language to communicate with potential clients through websites, social networks, emails, etc.

In an interview with CNN , the CEO of the Japanese company Rakuten, Hiroshi Mikitani stated that "The only way for a business to go global is if all its employees speak English"

In fact, more than 50% of companies worldwide not only require their employees to be fluent in the language, but have also established a policy for them to converse during the day in English.

In the same interview, CNN quotes Tsedal Neeley, a Harvard Business School professor who shares the same vision of many: “Companies that do not adopt English as the standard for their entire organization, at some point,« they will experience some kind of bottleneck. '

3. Increased learning and study opportunities

It is not a surprise that most of the information is in English and if you want to access it immediately without having to wait for it to be translated, it is good that you are fluent in the language.

According to the online language platform Sprachcaffe “Another important reason to learn English is that we will be able to access a better education, without limiting ourselves to universities or training centers in our own country. In addition, it will give us access to the most current and complete information, we will know the latest advances and we will be able to access the majority of scientific, academic and technological texts, written in English. According to a study, more than 56% of Internet sites are edited in English ... "

So if you are interested in learning new skills from anywhere in the world, English is practically mandatory and also an advantage that will make you learn from the best, instantly.

4. Travel and learn about other cultures

We do not mean that to travel you need to master English, but it would be much easier to communicate without the help of anyone, if you speak this language.

All, absolutely all countries, both in airports and hotels and everything that has to do with the tourism sector, have staff who speak English, so asking for directions or recommendations is easier if you know how to speak it.

5 Reasons Why you Should decide to learn English Today
 5 Reasons Why you Should decide to learn English Today

Regarding this, Sprachcaffe also thinks: “Speaking English will allow you to travel around the world and make yourself understood. You will be able to fully enjoy your trip since English is spoken on all five continents, and it will avoid stressful situations caused by the language barrier. In addition to being the Frankish language in almost the entire planet, English is the official language of many countries such as England, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Malta, Australia, New Zealand, as well as some countries in the Caribbean, Asia and Africa. Imagine all the possibilities! "

5. More mental agility

And finally, one of the reasons why you should learn English is because it increases your mental agility.

According to the Huffington Post , in a study carried out by the Journal of Neuroscience “adults who have spoken two languages ​​since childhood have better cognitive flexibility, that is, they have more facility to adapt to a new or unexpected circumstance than adults who only speak a tongue. In the study, participants had to complete a cognitive flexibility task; Although both monolingual and bilingual adults were able to complete it, bilinguals did it more quickly and also certain parts of their brain required less energy to complete it. "

So now you know, if you haven't done it so far, decide to learn a language that will only bring advantages to your life, do it with Natalie Maldonado online to obtain incredible results in a short time.