The Ideal Hard Drive for Gamer: Se-agate Expansion 4TB

 The Ideal Hard Drive for Gamer: Se-agate Expansion 4TB

I am fond of video games and in general everything that has to do with computing, and I was looking for an easy and comfortable way to save all my files on a portable hard drive without the risk of it being damaged over time, as I already did. It has happened with the thousands of external hard drives that I have bought.

However, choosing the best brand of external hard drive is not easy. There are so many brands and so many prices that it is really very difficult to decide which one is best for you. I am now using the Seagate Expansion STEA4000400 .

Why choose the Se-agate?

Seagate is a well-known brand for home appliance and computer equipment. In fact, as a computer programmer and repairer, I have always recommended this brand to my clients.

It is true that when I bought the new Seagate hard drive it was out of sheer urgency. At that time I not only had the pressure to save all the data of each of my clients on the Internet, but I also had to save the progress of the final project of my university career and of my courses in order to graduate as a programmer.

Once I had placed the purchase order through Amazon , at first I had my doubts because I had never tried one of the removable hard drives of that brand, but after having used the product in different situations, I immediately fell in love with my new acquisition. Like I said, Seagate is a good brand for all kinds of computer and laptop hardware and parts.

Hard drive with good storage

One of the characteristics that we take into account when choosing a good hard drive is its storage capacity. For this reason I was surprised to see that the new Seagate Expansion STEA4000400 hard drive has a storage power of 4 TB (4,000 GB).

With such a storage power, you can easily save all kinds of files: personal information, music, movies, video games, presentations, photos, etc.

This storage capacity is one of the most important advantages that this hard drive has over the rest of the competition, which often go up to 2 TB. Now imagine the large number of files that you can store with 4 TB of memory and take it wherever you want in your backpack or work portfolio. It is super useful to me.

Information transfer speed

Another advantage that I could see is the speed of information transfer that it has. Connected to a USB 3.0 port, the information transfer speed is approximately 140 MB / s, which makes it a kind of "road runner". It can also be connected with a USB 2.0 port without any problem.

You may be wondering why should I care about the speed of information transfer? Well, in external hard drives, and in general in any type of information storage hardware, the transfer speed is important so that, in case of some eventuality such as a power failure, the information is already stored inside the hard drive of optimally and efficiently.

I checked the transfer speed of this hard drive in a time of extreme urgency. He had suffered a power failure and even though he had a working UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), he had only a few minutes left on. At the time I was finishing a job for a client and saved the advances to the Seagate Expansion hard drive ; Fortunately, the transfer to the external hard drive was achieved in less than 1 minute, despite the fact that the information weighed more than 150 megabytes.

Universal USB cable and storage power for other devices

The USB cable is another thing you can count on when you buy this external hard drive. It is true that it is a bit short compared to other cables, but this makes up for it with a much more universal format and that can be adapted in any other device: be it for laptops, computers or video game consoles.

When I say that this external hard drive is one of the recommendations of the year, it is because it is. It really is a very good option to save information.

For Gamer

If you are a gamer, you will find this 4 TB external hard drive very useful since it will allow you to save a large number of games from different consoles, be it Xbox, PS3, PS4, computer games, among others. For those of us who are passionate about video games, this has become our right hand to bring our video games to the home of friends or family.

Whenever I go to play Sniper Elite 4, Call Of Duty, or Metal Gear, I always take my Seagate Expansion STEA4000400 with me . With these facilities (good storage, a universal USB cable and small size) it is more than obvious that it has become one of the best investments I have made in terms of external hard drive.

Comparison with other Removable Hard Drive

It goes without saying that the Seagate Expansion is not the only one on the market. The WD My Passport is also well known, but when you put them face to face, you can see the differences.

First of all, the Seagate Expansion has more storage than the WD My Passport. While if you buy a Seagate Expansion STEA400400 you get 4 TB of memory, the WD My Passport has a storage power of only 256 GB.

Second, with the WD My Passport there is no price-performance balance, whereas with the Seagate Expansion STE A 400 400 there is. I have always told my clients: it is better to buy something expensive, with good materials, than an inexpensive product with poor quality materials. Although the WD My Passport is more affordable than the Seagate , it leaves a lot to be desired in quality.

The Ideal Hard Drive for Gamer: Se-agate Expansion 4TB
 The Ideal Hard Drive for Gamer: Se-agate Expansion 4TB

Third, the WD has a very limited capacity in terms of transfer speed. While the Seagate has a data transfer rate of up to 140 Mb per second, the WD has just 60 Mb per second.

I had a WD My Passport and I have to say that compared to the Seagate Expansion STE A400 400 , it has those limitations. I only use it when it's an emergency and I don't have the Seagate Expansion on hand .