What is a Social Blog and How to Create it

 What is a Social Blog and How to Create it

When you own a company and create your own website, you can also choose to include a corporate blog, that is, a blog in which you will deal with information related to the company, perhaps inside or at the market level.

However, What exactly is a corporate blog? How was it created? What kind of content should you host? All that and more is what we will be commenting on below.

What a social Blog

Before you learn how to create a social networking blog, or the tricks you can have, it is imperative that you understand 100% what one is. It can be described as "That website containing content created by a company, institution or brand" . These should be published regularly and also based on useful information for readers. What kind of information? Always one related on a topic.

For example, imagine you have a social blog for a protein shake sign. Things that would be useful may be related to the products, for example to maximize their benefits, to talk about what they do ... But you can also do about foods with protein shakes , how to provide it, etc. That is, they are themes of the same theme but they do not have to focus only and exclusively on what you sell, but also on what that product encompasses.

In general, corporate blogging is the way a company communicates with its users , where it can provide relevant information and content that supports its products. Therefore, the people who should be in charge of these things must be professionals, whether from an internal online marketing department, an outside agency or a professional writer.

Steps to create a Corporate Blog

Now that you know what a corporate blog is, it is time to think about what you should do to create it because, if you do not consider different steps, it will not work for you. So, below we will talk about what you should do.

Design your Strategy

Within the organization you must have two main areas in mind: venues and everyone.

Los Venues you must set up should be realistic and should not focus only on the long term (because almost all the venues you would think will meet in the long run, be careful), but also in the short term.

For example, imagine you want to create a corporate blog to have customers in the first month. It will be a temporary venue, but is it true? Not much less. You must know that the results of a blog will not be seen from the first moment, they need time to work. Nor would it be a good place to attract customers quickly or for a blog to have an audience of a million readers at a rate of 2-3. It is very difficult for you to achieve that, even paying for it.

In relation to everyone, you need to know who you will be dealing with in deciding a content strategy and knowing what language will be used in the text or in the video (which is something more and more used and promoted) .

Be aware of your Resources

You will create a corporate blog, great. But you need to know what sources you have. If you do not have anyone in the industry who is a professional writer, regardless of how much they like writing or doing well, they may not connect with the reader, or they may not understand SEO; and that this will cause the items not to reach their proper place.

Author for texts, designer for illustrations, detailed information, creations; social media to spread the posts ... Yes, you need all that to get results. And no, all-in-one is not worth it because quality will suffer. If you share the right budget, you will get the right result.

Organize your Content

Next, this step is perhaps one of the most important and you should think carefully. It is divided into several substitutes that you have to consider but, in general, we are talking about developing a strategy to follow in terms of the number of items, when they are published, what will be the body, what is the depth of detail of the items will in, length, pictures, genres ... We talk more in depth:

Blog Area

You have to define the type of body you want a social networking site to have, that is, process, non-verbal, close-knit, close ... For example, imagine that on a blog you talk about yourself and when you are invited, you talk about yourself. Two styles do not like, so you have to combine it.

Publication Calendar

It is important that you know when to publish things, and that these are ahead of time. Programming them will not only help you organize yourself better, but to spread the content, you will give more attention to social media so that you can prepare publications that work as before to that content.

Depending on the type of company, it can be fun to print once every 15 days (2 a month) or even 1 a week. If you start to bear fruit, you can also plan the growing posts. What you should remember is that you do not leave it because a company that does not take care of itself may not give a good image to its users.

Traffic Sources

Sending something is fine, but it will not reach everyone if you do not pick it up . That is why you will have to define different channels to get, both social networks, newsletters, email marketing, other blogs, adwords, and so on.

What is a Social Blog and How to Create it
 What is a Social Blog and How to Create it

Explain the Statistics

In other words, tools that will measure the results you get with the blog to determine whether the content is relevant to your audience or you need to try something else.

Design a Corporate Blog

Another step to creating a corporate blog is the same, design it. Too many of the blogs are integrated into the company’s website, branded ... and they wear the same style, worst of all there are times when you want to give it another design.

For this you must have a good web designer who knows how to work with codes to change style and make to taste what you want. Therefore, you must follow the line that all other pages.