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How to Make Money as a Freelancer on Fiverr

How to Make Money as a Freelancer on Fiverr

Fiverr is the largest online service showcase in the world. It is a site where freelancer services are collected, the initial cost of which is $5.

Fiverr differs from other freelance platforms

Fiverr differs primarily in that you don't need to regularly monitor and search for orders – on the contrary, customers will find you themselves and leave a request for order fulfillment.

Your services on the site are called gigs. This may be related to your professional activity (creating a design, writing an article, auditing a website, and so on), or something unusual like “become a Facebook friend”, “put the customer's logo on a cappuccino foam”, “do something funny on camera” or “sing a greeting song”. There are an infinite number of options, limited only by your imagination.It is not necessary to be able to do something professionally – the main thing is to have a good imagination

Fiverr registration and registration of the service

To register on the site, you need to go to the main page and select the Become a Seller button. You can register via facebook, Google account, or email.

After that, you need to fill out your profile. Upload an avatar that shows your face: the customer will feel more comfortable and comfortable if they communicate with a real person, and not with a picture. Tell us a little bit about yourself and indicate the languages that you are ready to communicate professionally in. Do not forget that you can use Yandex and Google translators: all communication on the site in text form.

In the Professional Skills section, you can choose what kind of employment you are interested in (full-time or part-time), specify all the skills and education you have, upload certificates, and leave the address of your personal website. It is very useful to list all your social networks and sites with a portfolio, this will increase your competitiveness and show you as a professional. Now you can start creating your first gig. In the title, write your sentence in English, which will start with “I will...", then select a category and put tags.

The minimum price on the site is $ 5. You'll get $ 4 out of them, and $ 1 goes to the site.

Before publishing a service, think about what you are willing to do for this amount. In some categories, you can specify a higher initial price, for example, if your field does not have such prices at all. Let's say you're a designer. For a minimum bid of $5, you can draw one cover for a social network group or one banner. But drawing an entire page of the site a priori can not cost so much, so the initial price will be much higher (for example, $50).

You can also create three types of services: Basic, Standard, and Premium, adding a certain number of additional options to each one. This is necessary just for the cases described above: one cover will cost five dollars, and 4 covers, for example, will cost $15. Each package has its own options: for example, you can specify that you give the source code only in the Premium package. Also, the cheapest package usually does not include edits, and the deadline for completing work is longer than in the Standard and Premium versions.

According to statistics, customers most often choose the middle option, so write it down especially carefully.

Promotion on Fiverr

Your first gig is created. What can I do to promote it?

Adding a video clip will help promotion, and the site will automatically raise it in search results. Mount a small video clip, even a slideshow will do. You can also ask your friends to buy your gig and give it a high rating. Gigs with good ratings and reviews inspire more trust, you will have a good reputation, try not to lose it.

What matters is the speed of responding to messages from potential clients and the date when your last job was completed. This is indicated in your profile.

When describing a service, first come up with a catchy name that contains keywords that the customer can use to search for performers. Secondly, write down the tags that are relevant to your service and describe the gig as accurately and in more detail as possible: what it includes, what the client will receive at the exit, and why you should perform the project.

The more specific and clear the service is described, the more likely it is that the customer will find it and place an order for you. Another good description: lists, bold text on key points, clear description of the service Most often, customers first contact via private messages to discuss the order, and only then place the order. Try to respond immediately by installing the app on your phone.

To get more orders through Fiverr, post a link to your profile there in your social networks, conduct current projects through it: this will increase your rating, you will receive additional reviews and rise in the gigs catalog.

How to Make Money as a Freelancer on Fiverr
 How to Make Money as a Freelancer on Fiverr
Fiverr also periodically puts new gigs on the main page. It is not known exactly how the algorithm works, but it was found out by experience that you are more likely to get to the main page after completing 3-4 consecutive works and adding videos to the gig.

Withdraw money from Fiverr

To withdraw your earned money from Fiverr, go to the Selling – Earning menu item.

There are three withdrawal options: Fiverr Revenue Card (this is a card issued in conjunction with the Payoneer payment system, so you can simply link your existing account), PayPal and Bank Transfer (bank transfer). They differ in commissions and the minimum amount of funds withdrawn. The most convenient option is to order a bank card. You can pay with it in any store in any currency around the world, and the conversion will occur automatically.

You can withdraw money in any way only two weeks after it is credited to your account.


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How Musicians Make Money on TikTok

 How Musicians Make Money on TikTok

The TikTok platform has long been more than just an entertainment platform. Entrepreneurial bloggers and musicians have started using the app as a way to earn money by participating in advertising campaigns and also promoting their music.

 I think that lately all the loudly shot releases have taken place on the basis of TikTok, I have watched many analogues. This has not always happened with the participation of the group itself, but as a rule, the largest natural reach now occurs on this platform. I already had experience promoting my music account and the account of the TikTok blogger for whom I produced tracks. I decided to try to do this with the main group, to be honest, I didn’t make any bets, but it went the hardest, ”Pasha Lumpen, a musician from the Ural group Sova, commented to Moments.

As Pasha said, the track of the Owl group flew into several million views, and this gave a huge jump in statistics on all resources. Their song also became popular on Instagram - Reels gained a large number of views.

Music content is popular on TikTok. You can make simple videos and expand the audience of your other social networks through active TikTok followers. Already in other social networks, seeing the activity and growth of your subscribers, an advertiser can contact you. The earnings of both musicians and ordinary bloggers come from advertising integrations from the outside, ”musician and radio host Daniil Vorozhbit shared with Moments.

There are several options for promoting music on TikTok. For example, some record labels buy ads from bloggers to promote a track. Or musicians deliberately change the style of songs in order to get into the recommendation algorithms.

Some songs become popular by accident. Because of TikTok, tracks that went unnoticed during the release period became popular. For example, now the tracks of the “COSMONAUTS NO” group, which were released back in 2020, are popular on the platform. The performer himself noted that it was a surprise for him that the songs hit the charts two years later.

So it was with the singer Doja Cat, who gained her popularity precisely because of TikTok. Now the new tracks of the rapper are used by tik tokers in millions of videos.

The picture of the Ural artist put up for auction

The painting by the Ural artist Kirill Borodin was included in the Vladey contemporary art auction, which specializes in works by Russian artists. You can start fighting for Buket starting from 100 euros.

How Musicians Make Money on TikTok
How Musicians Make Money on TikTok
ATIF ASLAM is the top auction in Pakistan today. It's not that easy to get to it. The bet limit is unlimited. Last time, the cost for my painting reached 4,000 €,” Kirill Borodin told Moments.

Until 2016, the auctions were held in different exhibition halls, since 2016, the winery opened its own site, Vladey Space. The auction also includes works by other famous artists. For example, Anna Selina, Sergei Scutaru, Hulot Sooster, Anton Kupriyanov and many others. The auction is scheduled to start on January 29th.


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Development of low-Carbon Agricultural Technology

 Development of low-Carbon Agricultural Technology

The Rural Development Administration will foster a low-carbon horticultural innovation to understand the carbon-unbiased objective, set up a procedure to effectively appropriate it to the field, and advance it vigorously.

On the twelfth, the Rural Development Administration declared the '2050 carbon-unbiased rural innovation improvement and field conveyance advancement technique'. Already, in October last year, Korea affirmed the public carbon-impartial situation determined to accomplish 2050 carbon lack of bias. What's more, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs set an objective to lessen ozone harming substance outflows by 38% by 2050 by 2050 in December last year and reported a procedure.

To effectively uphold this, the Rural Development Administration has arranged this advancement methodology,

  •  Developing evenhanded and solid measurable information on GHG data
  • Growing the advancement of low-carbon rural innovation to diminish GHG emanations
  • Fortifying the GHG ingestion work utilizing farmland
  • Created innovation The field dissemination of

Foundation of Greenhouse Gas Emission Statistical Data… Low-carbon horticultural innovation advancement

To start with, the public coefficient mirroring the farming creation climate in Korea will be extended from 34 species last year to 64 species by 2050. GHG discharge insights and computation strategies will be improved to the degree of cutting edge nations and utilized for GHG decrease execution and assessment.

Methane discharge factors, for example, digestive aging of animals and shallow filtration of paddy water, which are significant decrease measures in the animals and animals area, will likewise be created and used to work out ozone depleting substance emanations. It is additionally wanting to foster a carbon collection coefficient that is put away in farmland when eco-accommodating cultivating strategies, for example, no-culturing, green fertilizer crop development, and revolution (pivot) are drilled and use it as an ozone harming substance sink.

Set up an information stage by 2027 to grow the factual information important to ascertain ozone harming substance outflows and normalize the information so the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and nearby state run administrations can utilize it to acknowledge carbon nonpartisanship.

Also, to diminish ozone harming substance outflows, the improvement of low-carbon horticultural innovation in the agribusiness, animals and energy areas will be extended.

In the horticultural field, appropriate manure use guidelines are set to diminish substance composts and the spread of paddy water the board innovation connected with computerized innovation, and the field commercialization of low-carbon natural innovation is effectively advanced. By extending the stockpile area of ​​agricultural fields from 0% to 10%, methane produced in paddy fields will be diminished, and a precise water the board premise will be set up through digitalization of rice development strategies.

Select green compost crops that can be utilized as a substitute for synthetic manures, utilize homegrown natural assets to supplant imported oilseeds, and create and circulate 'Green Rice', a rice assortment that can keep up with efficiency even with low compound manures, to spread eco-accommodating farming.

In the animals area, we create and spread domesticated animals fertilizer asset flow innovation to limit fossil fuel byproducts, and grow the dissemination of logical accuracy reproducing the board innovation utilizing homegrown methane decreasing specialist advancement, low-protein feed taking care of innovation, and data and correspondence innovation (ICT). .

In like manner, by utilizing domesticated animals fertilizer to create syngas, which is a combination of strong fuel pellets, hydrogen and carbon monoxide, innovation that can supplant petroleum derivatives, for example, coal and oil is created and commercialization is advanced. To lessen methane gas produced in the assimilation interaction of ruminant animals, for example, Korean meat and dairy cows, we will effectively help out the private area to foster a methane-decreasing feed and apply it to the field in 2025

To diminish ozone harming substance discharges and feed costs, the innovation that abbreviated the time of Korean cows rearing from 31 months to 90 days will be enhanced and extended and dispersed to domesticated animals locales.

In the energy area, grow the rural utilization of sustainable power and further develop energy proficiency, and extend the inventory through functional utilization of high-effectiveness energy innovation.

Farming warming and cooling frameworks utilizing complex hotness sources, for example, sun based, heat, and geothermal hotness will be created and applied to the field. Research on the creation and use of hydrogen energy utilizing horticultural side-effects like supplement arrangement and biogas is additionally being advanced.

We intend to lessen nursery warming energy by providing materials that work on the warm protection and protection execution of rural offices to the site, and foster advances to further develop effectiveness and decrease cooling energy utilization as the quantity of high-temperature days because of environmental change increments.

Support of ozone harming substance assimilation work in agrarian land… Diffusion of carbon decrease innovation

The Rural Development Administration will further develop soil carbon stockpiling limit through biochar information and development of cover crops, and reinforce the capacity of retaining ozone harming substances in farming area by finding and applying new sinks like plantation biomass.

The viability of biochar as a dirt improver is checked and suitable use principles are set up to expand the utilization of horticultural land, and the impact of low-carbon cultivating strategies by assessing the carbon stockpiling limit and financial and ecological worth of the dirt for each cultivating innovation like natural matter, no-culturing, and winter cover crops spread to the field

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs will work with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs to foster pragmatic rules for carbon stockpiling in farmland and backing them to be effectively carried out by nearby state run administrations and fields, while furnishing motivators to ranches with high cooperation.

Furthermore, through focal neighborhood private collaboration, low-carbon horticultural innovation will be spread to rural fields, and instruction and mindfulness will be reinforced through intentional carbon-nonpartisan practice crusades.

By connecting currently created decrease advancements, for example, paddy water the executives and biochar use with pilot projects, developing site exhibition activities of decrease innovations, and reinforcing the agreeable framework between the Rural Development Administration, the Radicalization Foundation, and nearby country advancement associations, the examination results are spread to the field early. make it conceivable

Likewise, we will advance the 'three high (raise, lower, keep up with) activity crusade' for carbon decrease along with nearby state run administrations and ranchers' gatherings, and train specialists to spread mindfulness.

Development of low-Carbon Agricultural Technology
Development of low-Carbon Agricultural Technology
Park Byeong-hong, overseer of the Rural Development Administration, said, "Carbon non partisanship is a difficult assignment that requires a significant change in agribusiness, however it should be executed. Specifically, farming assumes a significant part as both a carbon producer and a sink." He said, "The Rural Development Administration got a financial plan of KRW 26.8 billion out of 2022 to effectively create and spread innovations important for carbon non partisanship. We will put forth a valiant effort to acknowledge carbon lack of bias in the animals and animals area by expanding speculation consistently and constantly extending the quantity of carbon-impartial examination faculty."


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16 Most important E-Commerce Books 2022

16 Most important E-Commerce Books FOR 2022

Building a successful e-commerce project is a big challenge, you need to learn a lot of skills in various forms and apply them to your project to make it successful. It's more like being on a long learning journey than a building one, so we find commitment and time to learn one of the common characteristics of successful online store owners.

In this article, we will provide you with an important and distinctive source of learning that you will need, which is e-commerce books, where we will present you the 16 most important e-commerce books that you should read today before tomorrow.

1. Dotcom Secrets . book

The first book on our list is the Dotcom Secrets book by famous marketer and entrepreneur Russell Bronson, who has over 19 years of experience in e-commerce and sales. In this book, Russell shares the secrets that helped him become a millionaire through his work in marketing and selling on the Internet. Through this book, Russell will teach you how to expand your business by finding the right sales funnel for your business.

The book will also help you:

  • Get more traffic to your online store.
  • Increase the conversions coming from this traffic, and thus increase your sales and profits.
  • Enhance your store's selling strategy.

This book is very useful for many fields, but it will make a breakthrough for you if you are in e-commerce, affiliate , blogging, e-marketing or even freelancing.

2. E-Business & E-Commerce Management book

The second book on our list is the Business and E-Commerce Management Book from the famous e-marketer Dave Chaffee. The book provides you with everything you need to set your feet at the beginning of the world of profit from the Internet, and I mean here profit and not just starting your e-commerce, and this is because it combines practical lessons with the management lessons that you need to survive in the world of selling on the Internet.

The book is full of examples and practical lessons that will benefit you a lot during your journey, and you will find it very useful because it combines the practical and technical experiences and the soft skills you need to succeed.

Dave Chaffee offers a lot of useful articles on his popular Smart Insight blog so be sure to check it out.

3. Book Launch

Now with my favorite e-commerce book, the launch book that will tell you the secrets of e-commerce millionaires, help you start your e-commerce and start profiting from selling online. The author of the book is Jeff Walker, one of the most famous people in the e-commerce world with over 20 years of experience selling online.

Jeff will share with you his most important experiences from starting his first online business in 1996 from his basement, to the many successful projects he started later. Whether you already own an online store or are in the process of building an online store , this book will be extremely useful for you , and it contains a summary of Jeff's experiences, as well as the experiences of some of the best e-commerce pioneers around the world.

The book will help you get a head start on your project that will keep customers counting the minutes waiting for your products, plus it will recommend the best tools and methods for creating a successful brand . The book also has a lot of useful content about managing your time and budget to get the best results and make your e-commerce business a success.

4. Return on Relationship

The next book on the list of e-commerce books is Return on Relationship, which is a book that will show you how relationships are the new currency you should be dealing with online. The book is not intended for e-commerce but for any online activity, and it helps you to get loyal followers on social media and loyal customers for your online store.

This is by working on the content industry in addition to customer service, after reading this book you will be able to improve your e-marketing strategy and get the best results from it. The book was a great success upon its release, and Seth Godin commented on it - and in this article we will discuss one of his books - saying:

“In the communication economy, trust and relationships are the new currencies, and this is not a success factor that you have to work on in your spare time but is the heart and soul of your business.” As for the author of the book, they are two, not really one: Catherine Rose and Ted Rubin, two of the most famous specialists in social media and building relationships with followers and clients around the world.

Catherine Rose, besides being a bestseller and one of the most famous social media strategists, she has worked in the field of sales and was for a while responsible for a company that generated more than $100 million in sales in one year. As for Ted Rubin, one of the most famous e-marketers of all time, he is the most followed CMO on Twitter, and he has developed the concept of return from relationships since 2009.

5. Ultimate Guide To E-commerce Growth

The fifth book of e-commerce books is the ultimate guide to e-commerce growth, which helps you increase your sales on the Internet, no matter what products you sell or the niche of your business. This book will be very useful to you if you already have an online store, because it will enlighten you the way to expand your e-commerce and achieve amazing sales. The book focuses on the idea that only 1 to 4% of your online store's visitors will buy from you, so what about the remaining 96%?

This question is answered by the Hammersley brothers (Mark and Ian Hammersley) who started their e-commerce in its early beginnings and later started one of the most successful e-commerce agencies in England, smart e business. The Hammersley brothers share in this book 7 important performance indicators that you should focus on to achieve the growth you want for your e-commerce.

6. How to Start and Grow an E-Commerce Business book

This book is one of the best e-commerce books for beginners who are trying to get to know and get started in the field. It is a guide that covers all the basics that every e-commerce owner should know, in a very simplified manner.

The book provides this useful scientific material by answering the five most important questions in e-commerce:

  1. What product will I sell?
  2. How will I produce it?
  3. How will I communicate it to my clients?
  4. Who is the ideal customer for me and my product?
  5. How do I convince my customers to buy back and tell their friends about me?

I highly recommend it to you if you are still thinking of entering the world of e-commerce or just taking your first steps into it. And if you are at this stage, be sure to read our important article on the best free and paid e-commerce courses .

7. The $100 Startup Book

This book is perhaps the most famous book among all the e-commerce books that we will talk about in this article, and it is essential for anyone who intends to enter and succeed in the world of e-commerce and entrepreneurship .

It is more than necessary if a person wants to establish his own business without the need for other employees. In this book, Chris gathers the experiences of more than 1,500 people who have built a business with $100 or less so that that business can generate $50,000 or more for them.

It focuses on the 50 most important cases from the previous 1,500 cases to give you a glimpse of why and how they did it. The book is full of inspiring stories, useful lessons, and mistakes to avoid, and it will help you in all stages of your e-commerce, and although it generally talks about entrepreneurship, it is in my opinion one of the best e-commerce books.

8. Profit First book

This book is somewhat different from the previous e-commerce books that we talked about, as it focuses on a very important and specific stage for the success of your e-business in which you make your project successful and make it generate money for you instead of just spending it on it.

So the book is very suitable for those who already have online stores and are facing difficulties in achieving the desired profits, or want to expand their e-commerce. The book presents useful scientific material in an easy and simple way through many case studies, methods and practical steps that can inspire and help you. I won't talk much about books and will leave the commentary to you as you read this book and apply what's inside to your online store.

9. Crushing It.Book

I talked about Gary Vaynerchuk before in his article on Best YouTube Channels for Learning Ecommerce , so if you haven't read it already I advise you to do it now. To sum it up, Gary is one of the most inspiring personalities in the world of digital marketing and entrepreneurship today, providing content that is worth its weight in gold. Through his books and content, Gary will teach you how to use social media to achieve your personal and marketing goals.

In this book, Gary explains the importance of marketing yourself for your success in the world of entrepreneurship and e-commerce, as well as inspiring you and showing you how you can do it.

Although this book is a little different from e-commerce books that discuss marketing, after reading it and understanding the main points in it and applying them to yourself and your e-commerce, you will begin to notice the huge difference that will affect your customers and your profits. Gary provides an analysis of the existing social networks as well as steps and tips that will help you in marketing yourself, whatever you do and want.

10. This Is Marketing book

Seth Godin, the author of this book, is one of the most famous and most successful entrepreneurs of all time, and he is also the author of a very large number of successful books, the most famous of which in Arabic are The Purple Cow and the book This is the marketing that we will talk about now.

In This Is Marketing, Seth tells us how to market in the right way. Seth says that the function of marketing is not to solve a company's problems by selling products to customers, but to solve customers' problems by selling products to them.

The book provides a lot of valuable information about:

  • How to create trust between you and your customers.
  • Achieve your marketing and financial goals by helping your customers get what they want.
  • Identify the right and ideal customers for your products and also the wrong customers.
  • Get rid of old useless marketing and advertising methods.
  • And dozens of important and necessary things for the success of e-commerce.

The book is very interesting and informative, it will make you love Seth Godin as much as I do and follow him on all social networks.

11. Building a Story Brand book

The next book on our list is a very unique e-commerce book that will help you build a unique story for your online store or brand through clear and powerful marketing messages. The book will help you achieve everything a brand owner wishes to achieve, which is to add an emotional and human aspect to his marketing process, and to create a competitive advantage through his words only.

After reading this book, you will be able to do all this in addition to avoiding common mistakes, especially confusing the customer's mind with a lot of marketing messages. Read this book now and learn how to encourage, motivate and inspire your audience and get loyal customers to double your sales and attract new customers.

12. SEO 2022 Book

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most powerful tools that can increase the profits and sales of your online store, as more than a third of buyers start their buying journey from Google. So you need to have a good understanding of how search engines work and how to choose the right keywords , and also how to develop a sustainable SEO strategy to get new customers. But as good and profitable as it sounds, it is also a bit tricky especially with the algorithms of search engines like Google constantly changing.

Here comes the role of the SEO 2022 book to provide you with everything you need to know about SEO, and how to use it in your online store to rank on the first pages of search engines. The book contains a lot of useful information, as well as some important tips on how to choose the keywords that will support your sales and how to boost your site's SEO with various social media means. Because of everything I said above, this book definitely deserves to be among the best e-commerce books you should read.

13. Buyology book

Buying is a very special book, as it focuses on the central topic of buying. The book discusses why we buy what we buy, and what are the motives that engender us and urge us to do this, especially in this present time when influences and distractions abound. The book is not only based on analyzes and reflections, but is based on his experience in Neuro marketing, which took him three years, and cost about seven million dollars.

In this experiment, he tested more than 2,000 people from different countries of the world, showing them lots of ads, brands and products to better understand the hidden process behind the act of buying. By reading the rich scientific material to write and applying it to your products, you will be able to make them more attractive and exciting to customers, and thus will increase your sales and profits, so do not waste this great opportunity on yourself and read the book.

14. Everybody Writes

Content writing is one of the most important pillars of success in e-commerce, through which you can gain more customers and develop loyalty to your brand.

Everyone Writes is one of the best e-commerce books that deals with writing e-commerce content. The book provides the basics of writing content that will bring you the return you hope, in addition to many useful explanations on topics such as:

  • How to improve your writing and content and your e-commerce.
  • How to use content as a marketing tool effectively.
  • Add a human and emotional side to your writing.
  • Content Strategies.
  • Types of content used in e-marketing.
  • Powerful content tools you can use.

The book would not have rated as one of the best e-commerce books had it not been written by Anna Handley, who is considered a pioneer in the field of content marketing writing. According to Forbes magazine, she is one of the top 20 female blogs in the world, and according to IBM, she is one of 7 people reshaping the world of digital marketing.

Anna works as Head of Content at the well-known training and education company MarketingProfs, and is the author of several bestselling e-marketing and content writing books.

15. The Book You Should Test That

You Should Test This is not one of the traditional e-commerce books, it specializes in analyzing data and experimenting with your online store with the right methods and tools.It focuses more on helping you attract more visitors to your online store, increase conversion rate, and get more sales and profits.

The book is easy and contains practical steps and methods that you can use and apply easily, and it also contains a lot of case studies on the topics being discussed. As I concluded, this book is not for beginners, as this is a very advanced stage of e-commerce in which the store owner is trying to get the best possible results from his store.

16. Don't Make Me Think, Revisited

Our latest book is "Don't Let Me Think" by the famous Steve Krug, which in its third edition only sold more than 600,000 copies.

And Steve Krug is one of the most experienced experts in the field of usability optimization and web development with more than 30 years of experience. He has worked in and advised many of us for major companies, such as Apple and Netscape. The book is different from other e-commerce books in that it focuses more on the technical aspects of optimizing your site, improving the user experience, and attracting visitors to it.

16 Most important E-Commerce Books 2022
16 Most important E-Commerce Books 2022

The first version of the book was published in the year 2000, and it achieved great success and fame, and Steve subsequently developed and revised the book, for example, the third version of this book with a chapter on optimizing your site for mobile phones. The book is very useful and Steve made sure to make it suitable for professionals and hobbyists, so you won't find it too difficult if you're still working your way up in e-commerce and have a bit of technical knowledge.


E-commerce books are a very important and useful way to learn, and this is because they are able to give you the full and intense experiences and mistakes of others in just a few hours of reading. It is an experience that cannot be matched by explanations, e-commerce courses, or any other available source, and all this for a very simple price, which is the price of the book.

These e-commerce books will help you take the full experience of the successful, learn the aspects of e-commerce fully, not through parts like in explanations, podcasts or articles, so don't miss the chance and read these books right away.