How Musicians Make Money on TikTok

 How Musicians Make Money on TikTok

The TikTok platform has long been more than just an entertainment platform. Entrepreneurial bloggers and musicians have started using the app as a way to earn money by participating in advertising campaigns and also promoting their music.

 I think that lately all the loudly shot releases have taken place on the basis of TikTok, I have watched many analogues. This has not always happened with the participation of the group itself, but as a rule, the largest natural reach now occurs on this platform. I already had experience promoting my music account and the account of the TikTok blogger for whom I produced tracks. I decided to try to do this with the main group, to be honest, I didn’t make any bets, but it went the hardest, ”Pasha Lumpen, a musician from the Ural group Sova, commented to Moments.

As Pasha said, the track of the Owl group flew into several million views, and this gave a huge jump in statistics on all resources. Their song also became popular on Instagram - Reels gained a large number of views.

Music content is popular on TikTok. You can make simple videos and expand the audience of your other social networks through active TikTok followers. Already in other social networks, seeing the activity and growth of your subscribers, an advertiser can contact you. The earnings of both musicians and ordinary bloggers come from advertising integrations from the outside, ”musician and radio host Daniil Vorozhbit shared with Moments.

There are several options for promoting music on TikTok. For example, some record labels buy ads from bloggers to promote a track. Or musicians deliberately change the style of songs in order to get into the recommendation algorithms.

Some songs become popular by accident. Because of TikTok, tracks that went unnoticed during the release period became popular. For example, now the tracks of the “COSMONAUTS NO” group, which were released back in 2020, are popular on the platform. The performer himself noted that it was a surprise for him that the songs hit the charts two years later.

So it was with the singer Doja Cat, who gained her popularity precisely because of TikTok. Now the new tracks of the rapper are used by tik tokers in millions of videos.

The picture of the Ural artist put up for auction

The painting by the Ural artist Kirill Borodin was included in the Vladey contemporary art auction, which specializes in works by Russian artists. You can start fighting for Buket starting from 100 euros.

How Musicians Make Money on TikTok
How Musicians Make Money on TikTok
ATIF ASLAM is the top auction in Pakistan today. It's not that easy to get to it. The bet limit is unlimited. Last time, the cost for my painting reached 4,000 €,” Kirill Borodin told Moments.

Until 2016, the auctions were held in different exhibition halls, since 2016, the winery opened its own site, Vladey Space. The auction also includes works by other famous artists. For example, Anna Selina, Sergei Scutaru, Hulot Sooster, Anton Kupriyanov and many others. The auction is scheduled to start on January 29th.