How to Make Money as a Freelancer on Fiverr

How to Make Money as a Freelancer on Fiverr

Fiverr is the largest online service showcase in the world. It is a site where freelancer services are collected, the initial cost of which is $5.

Fiverr differs from other freelance platforms

Fiverr differs primarily in that you don't need to regularly monitor and search for orders – on the contrary, customers will find you themselves and leave a request for order fulfillment.

Your services on the site are called gigs. This may be related to your professional activity (creating a design, writing an article, auditing a website, and so on), or something unusual like “become a Facebook friend”, “put the customer's logo on a cappuccino foam”, “do something funny on camera” or “sing a greeting song”. There are an infinite number of options, limited only by your imagination.It is not necessary to be able to do something professionally – the main thing is to have a good imagination

Fiverr registration and registration of the service

To register on the site, you need to go to the main page and select the Become a Seller button. You can register via facebook, Google account, or email.

After that, you need to fill out your profile. Upload an avatar that shows your face: the customer will feel more comfortable and comfortable if they communicate with a real person, and not with a picture. Tell us a little bit about yourself and indicate the languages that you are ready to communicate professionally in. Do not forget that you can use Yandex and Google translators: all communication on the site in text form.

In the Professional Skills section, you can choose what kind of employment you are interested in (full-time or part-time), specify all the skills and education you have, upload certificates, and leave the address of your personal website. It is very useful to list all your social networks and sites with a portfolio, this will increase your competitiveness and show you as a professional. Now you can start creating your first gig. In the title, write your sentence in English, which will start with “I will...", then select a category and put tags.

The minimum price on the site is $ 5. You'll get $ 4 out of them, and $ 1 goes to the site.

Before publishing a service, think about what you are willing to do for this amount. In some categories, you can specify a higher initial price, for example, if your field does not have such prices at all. Let's say you're a designer. For a minimum bid of $5, you can draw one cover for a social network group or one banner. But drawing an entire page of the site a priori can not cost so much, so the initial price will be much higher (for example, $50).

You can also create three types of services: Basic, Standard, and Premium, adding a certain number of additional options to each one. This is necessary just for the cases described above: one cover will cost five dollars, and 4 covers, for example, will cost $15. Each package has its own options: for example, you can specify that you give the source code only in the Premium package. Also, the cheapest package usually does not include edits, and the deadline for completing work is longer than in the Standard and Premium versions.

According to statistics, customers most often choose the middle option, so write it down especially carefully.

Promotion on Fiverr

Your first gig is created. What can I do to promote it?

Adding a video clip will help promotion, and the site will automatically raise it in search results. Mount a small video clip, even a slideshow will do. You can also ask your friends to buy your gig and give it a high rating. Gigs with good ratings and reviews inspire more trust, you will have a good reputation, try not to lose it.

What matters is the speed of responding to messages from potential clients and the date when your last job was completed. This is indicated in your profile.

When describing a service, first come up with a catchy name that contains keywords that the customer can use to search for performers. Secondly, write down the tags that are relevant to your service and describe the gig as accurately and in more detail as possible: what it includes, what the client will receive at the exit, and why you should perform the project.

The more specific and clear the service is described, the more likely it is that the customer will find it and place an order for you. Another good description: lists, bold text on key points, clear description of the service Most often, customers first contact via private messages to discuss the order, and only then place the order. Try to respond immediately by installing the app on your phone.

To get more orders through Fiverr, post a link to your profile there in your social networks, conduct current projects through it: this will increase your rating, you will receive additional reviews and rise in the gigs catalog.

How to Make Money as a Freelancer on Fiverr
 How to Make Money as a Freelancer on Fiverr
Fiverr also periodically puts new gigs on the main page. It is not known exactly how the algorithm works, but it was found out by experience that you are more likely to get to the main page after completing 3-4 consecutive works and adding videos to the gig.

Withdraw money from Fiverr

To withdraw your earned money from Fiverr, go to the Selling – Earning menu item.

There are three withdrawal options: Fiverr Revenue Card (this is a card issued in conjunction with the Payoneer payment system, so you can simply link your existing account), PayPal and Bank Transfer (bank transfer). They differ in commissions and the minimum amount of funds withdrawn. The most convenient option is to order a bank card. You can pay with it in any store in any currency around the world, and the conversion will occur automatically.

You can withdraw money in any way only two weeks after it is credited to your account.