Golden Dollar Exchange Rate — The Most Honest Review

 Golden Dollar Exchange Rate — The Most Honest Review 

The Golden Dollar exchange rate from Vika Samoilova allegedly allows you to earn $ 3,500 a month on mediation on freelance exchanges. Is this really the case or are there pitfalls? Let's check it out!

Gold Dollar

Let's go straight to the essence of earnings, and it is very simple: You take expensive orders on a foreign freelance exchangeв in dollars. Then you transfer the order on the Russian freelance exchange in rubles to the contractor, but this time it is cheaper. After completing the order, you will receive the difference between the order price and the cost of the completed work.

It seems like everything is simple, but in fact it is not! For those who do not want to read the article, you can just watch the video below about the Gold Dollar exchange rate, and for the rest I will continue.

I agree only with the fact that the course is suitable for beginners, and then only in order to earn $ 10 a month. I am sure that many people will not be able to do more, not to mention some 3,500 dollars a month. Simply put, this is another whore! And I'll explain why, if you haven't watched the video above.

First of all, you will already have to invest money even for the first order. Now freelance exchanges work in such a way that if you transfer an order to a performer, then you must have money on your balance, which is temporarily "frozen". Then, after completing the order, they are transferred to the person who completed it. The first myth is dispelled that you don't need to invest anything at all.

Golden dollar exchange rate reviews

Now let's move on to the most important thing. What is the catch and why you should not buy the Gold Dollar exchange rate? Although I am sure that all pseudo-gurus are actively advertising it now, because it is in the first positions in sales in Glopart:

Sales of the gold dollar exchange rate

Millions of people work on English-language freelance exchanges, and many of them are from China, India and other countries of the world. The competition is fierce, and where there is competition, there will always be a price cut.

Even if you reduce your own price for services, then Hindus and Chinese are willing to work for $ 1 a day, and especially Hindus. In short, you will not be able to outwit anyone. There is simply nowhere to reduce the price. Pakistani also have their own freelance exchanges for example, where performers sit and work for only $ 5.

The second myth that Victoria Samoilova says about earning one order on an American service of 400-600 dollars has been dispelled. Well, no one will give you such an order as a beginner, believe me. It will only be given to a large advertising agency, company, or freelancer with extensive experience and experience.

For those who need a simple logo or something else, they go to Fiverr, which I mentioned above and orders not one, but several and for only $ 5! And there are no intermediaries working there, but real performers who know English. Our equivalent is the Quark service, where you can order such a logo for 500 rubles.


Next, Vika Samoilova writes about prices on Pakistani freelance exchanges. That the price of a logo is between 1,000 and 3,000 PKR. Yes, we will agree with that! You can find it even cheaper on Kwork for 500 PKR

Total at the Gold Dollar exchange rate

That is, what we get and what we are left with. Forget about orders of $ 400-600, because you'll never get them. Even if you reduce the price to beat the competition, how much, up to $ 5? There's just a lot of competition in this segment.

Even if the customer chooses you and you get this $ 5, then what will you do next? Find a performer in Russia for 500 rubles and order from them? Even in this way, you will not earn anything or will still be in debt.

Another fairy tale of Victoria Samoilova about the gold dollar fails. There is a huge amount of competition in the freelance market, and if you don't have any experience or feedback, then as a beginner it is very difficult for you to break through, especially in an English-language exchange where there are millions of performers.

Vika Samoilova has other courses, for example, A new Twist that we already wrote about and put it in questionable courses. I am 99% sure that she herself does not work on her courses! She earns her own money by selling her miracle courses, where she talks about easy money. And we know that making money online is not so easy.

And the money that she demonstrates in her videos on the selling site of the Golden Dollar course, she earned by selling her courses. Selling courses to beginners and naive people who dream of easy money is her specialty..

Reviews of the Golden Dollar exchange rate

The money that Vika Samoilova so actively demonstrates to us is definitely not income from reselling logos, but income from selling her courses. That is, of course, I'm not saying that this is a scam and you can't earn money on a freelance exchange, but you need to do it yourself and learn it all the time.

Of course, you will never see such money from mediation at the "Golden Dollar" rate. You can certainly get some individual orders for a penny, but $ 3,500 a month is another myth for you. Being a complete beginner and not knowing the programs, having no experience, it is difficult to start earning such amounts just like that.

Golden Dollar Exchange Rate — The Most Honest Review
 Golden Dollar Exchange Rate — The Most Honest Review 

Such a simple and harsh reality awaits you if you buy a course and can't create your own logo. And if you want to start trying to earn money in this way, then you don't need to buy any courses! Just type in the Yandex or Google search engine "foreign freelance exchanges" or go to the site , please register and try to get at least one order, just for a test, you may not even need to fulfill it later.

Or you can register on dozens of similar freelance exchanges and in a month you will understand for sure that you will never receive orders of $ 400-600, and even an order of $ 5 is unlikely.

We do not recommend that you buy the "Golden Dollar" exchange rate, as it will be mostly wasted money for 90%. And we recommend that you look at the category "Proven courses", which you can really earn money on.