How to choose a blog theme: detailed instructions for beginners

How to choose a blog theme: detailed instructions for beginners

Hello friends.welcome you to my blog. My reality show is gaining momentum and I hope that the materials I publish will be useful to you as instructions for creating your own personal blog. Today I will tell you how to choose a topic (niche) for a blog, and at the end of the article, according to the established tradition, I will tell you how I chose a topic for And some of you, after reading this information, will choose niches for your sites that you didn't even think about before.

Which niche to choose

Each of us has acquired certain skills in a particular field over the course of our lives. You have acquired a profession in which you have been working for more than one year and are a good specialist. Yes, because in fact, many people do not like what they do. The job they work in is a burden to them and they are reluctant to accept it. And the working day passes, with one thought: "When will it end?"

And in this situation, how long do you think you can keep a personal blog? I think that a little.

Let's do a little survey.

Write in the comments the answer to the question: Do you like your profession or what you are currently doing?

Personally, I am sure that there will be more people who don't like what they do. Another thing is if someone has a favorite activity (hobby) in addition to work and they are very happy to do it. In this situation, you can already create a blog in this niche and write about your passion, gathering like-minded people around you. Remember, the most important thing is to be in love with your niche and believe in it. Otherwise, it just won't work. If you find it difficult to choose from your hobbies then use the free method How to find your favorite thing in 4 steps

Where to look if I can't do anything

Suppose you don't like what you're currently doing, and you don't have any hobbies, but you still want to start a blog to create additional or basic income.

What should I do in this situation?

Do not be alarmed by various site ratings that will come to the rescue here. Where sites are collected and divided into thematic categories.

  • Here is a list of the most popular ratings in Runet:
  • Go through these ratings and see the categories and sites in these categories.
  • What people write about, recommend, and advertise.
  • Spend a week on this activity instead of half a day. See which category and theme you like best.
  • There you will find very interesting blogging topics.

Here, for example, in the LiveInternet rating there is a very interesting category "Home and Family", in which mothers who are on maternity leave or are going only, as well as housewives or just girls, can find topics for themselves. Some might say that there are a lot of competitors in these niches.

And where are they not now? Just somewhere there are fewer of them, and somewhere more.

It was in 2010 that you could choose a niche where they did not exist yet. Now the situation has changed. And you will have to fight for a place in the sun. And if you are not ready, then it is better not to start. You'll just need to get a good look at these competitors and do your best to make things better than they have. I'll talk more about this in the following articles, so sign up for updatesso you don't miss them.

True, there is another way to choose a topic that will have the least number of competitors, but those who read the article to the end will find out about it. Now, let's talk about niche profitability.

How to determine profitability

This question interests everyone. Here you have chosen a topic, and whether it is profitable, whether it will bring you income. Let's deal with this.

How to find affiliate programs by topic

The first thing you should do is check whether there are affiliate products in this niche, recommending which you can start making a profit already at the initial stage of blogging. After all, partner products are one of the stable incomes of site owners. I wrote about this in more detail in the article: Earning money on a blog: all the main ways Now the question arises, where can I find them? It's very simple.

On the websites of your future competitors, use the ratings described in the article above. In special catalogs of information products, here is one of them: And here is one that I think is suitable for all niches at the moment. This is an EPN affiliate program, it includes the largest online stores such as AliExpress, Ozon. There you can get your own percentage for the sale of any product.

Profitability based on contextual advertising

Many people put this type of monetization in the first row. But personally, I decided to go a little different way. And I put affiliate programs in the first row. Because I know how advertising works. And knowing the principle of operation of this ad for this type of earning money, you can not worry. Many simply do not take this into account, because they do not know.

If you want to see how it works. Although I'm sure you've seen it all before, you just haven't thought about it.

Do the following:

Go to any online store, let's say computer components, and look at a few products, read reviews and specifications. After that, go to any other site that has ads installed and see what ads will be served to you. I think you guessed it. Ads with offers of the same computer components that you saw in the store or products that are usually bought with them. This way, blog users will be served ads based on their interests. And the CPC will naturally be different.

Now you understand what the trick is. Ads will still be served regardless of your chosen niche. If you have any doubts after all, I suggest you check your niche with one tool.

I teach it on the following topics:

  1. Earning money online
  2. Computer literacy
  3. Creating a blog

Now follow the link to the service "Wordstat" and in the field enter the above phrases in turn and click pick up. And here's what we get.

  • The phrase earning money on the Internet
  • Computer literacy
  • Creating a blog

As you can see, the indicators are very impressive. And do not forget to pay attention to the "Similar queries" column, where you can find very good options that will suit you, for example, for a separate category.

My actions when choosing a niche

So, how I thought and what I did when choosing my niche.

1 Let's see what skills I had


Veterinary paramedic – after completing his studies, he did not work a single day in his specialty. This topic doesn't turn me on or interest me. Higher education-the direction of State and municipal administration. The topic is not interesting. I graduated only for promotion in the Penal Correction System.


Service in the penitentiary system – this topic is clearly not suitable for a blog, everything is written in the orders for it. If only the book" Memoirs of an employee " is written. Electrician is the profession I currently work in. I work because it is convenient: on shifts and near the house only 60 km.


Computers are my hobby. I like to dig into them.

My dream is to start earning money online.

I threw out my education and work experience, as I belong to the category of people who don't like what they do. There are still computers, and a dream. I combined them and as a result this blog was created.

And I would also like to say to those who will have to choose a completely new topic. Don't be afraid to start studying it and write about it.

Again, I will give an example of myself. I'll tell you a secret, I still consider myself a beginner in the topic of earnings and do not earn huge sums on the Internet. But I have a wish and a dream. And I'm trying to implement it. I write in the blog what I learned and did that in the future will allow me to become a pro in this business.

And I don't think that something might not work out. I'm just sure that everything will work out and I will fulfill my dream. And the results of this reality show will be an example for beginners.

2 Choosing affiliate programs

If you look at the catalogues of courses, you will see that it is for earning money on the Internet and for studying a computer that there are simply a huge number of them. So you don't have to worry about it.

3 Contextual advertising

As I wrote earlier, I don't worry about advertising. There will be clicks in any case.

4 Additional verification tool

You saw the results in this article just above. The competition in this niche is just huge, but having formed the semantic core, I realized that there is still a place to turn around.

For the most patient users

As promised, at the end of the article I will tell you about another way to select a niche. To do this, you need to follow trends in various areas. And where do we tell you about new products? In the news, of course.

Here is a small example.

Let's take cryptocurrency, when it appeared, the fastest sites on this topic were created by someone, who added a separate category. And we have achieved good results. Even today, if you take statistics from Wordstat, you can see that there are 459,562 requests per month, and I didn't look at the similar column. Although the hype in this topic has passed, but it is still popular and brings income.

How to choose a blog theme: detailed instructions for beginners
How to choose a blog theme: detailed instructions for beginners

So follow the news there for sure, which you will find.


This is all I wanted to write about the choice of blog topics. I hope the information was useful for you and will help you in your endeavors.