How to Customize Blogger Website 2022

How to Customize Blogger Website 2022

 I am not a specialist in creating web resources, including a blog on Blogger, so many gurus of this business will find my instructions ridiculous and ridiculous, but, believe me, it was precisely such, at first glance, stupid descriptions that I lacked when I only - I just decided to try my hand at a new business for myself, like creating my own corner on the Internet, and there are more than one newcomers like me left to wander, without much work, through the vast expanses of the World Wide Web ...

Initial Blog Settings 

Well, having decided on the design of your blog (see Blogger Template Designer... ), you can perhaps start filling it with your information, but before that, I would still recommend that you look into some more settings for your blog (let's call them , as the initial or first blog settings on Blogger), to which I dedicate this publication!

1) The first thing I'll start with will be the TITLE / title (a) and DESCRIPTION (b) of your blog, as well as such options from the "Settings / General" menu as blog PRIVACY (c), its ADDRESS (d), AUTHORS ( e) and READERS (e)!

To proceed to editing them, on the management page of your blog, find the "Settings" menu item, and then go to the "Basic" submenu (see Fig. 1)

a) Blog TITLE or title!

Although you already gave a name to your blog when you went through the stage of its creation (see  "How to create your own blog on Blogger (Blogger)?" ), but think over the title again, because, as they say, whatever you call a schooner, that's how it will float , and renaming later is a bad omen!


This is, say, a business card or a welcome word of your resource, therefore, although I am now drawing your attention to this setting, you can not rush to create a description if you have not yet fully decided how best to present your blog to the reader, because being limited to only 500 characters provided by the blogger for this, you must reveal the entire basic concept of your resource, that is, briefly dedicate the visitor to the subject of your project.
The description will be located on all pages of your blog, under the title (see fig. 1/b)


I won’t delve into the nuances of indexing web resources by search engines now (I remind you that this blog is designed for first-graders), so I’ll ask a simple question: “Do you want more Internet users to know about your blog as soon as possible?”
- If your answer is "Yes, I want!", then, after pressing the "Change" button, set the checkboxes (dots) to "Yes / Yes" (Fig. 1 / c - 2);
- If you do not strive for popularity, then, accordingly, we set the checkmarks (dots) to "No / No" (Fig. 1 / c - 3).


Once again think about the domain name of your resource and if you do not want to make any changes to the address, then skip this setting, but remember that editing the address in a month or two or more is again not good, except when you want to attach to my blog a personal domain , but at this stage I do not consider this option!

e) AUTHORS of the blog!

Of course, now it is not at all necessary to invite and add authors to your blog, so you can skip this setting, but if you wish, you can familiarize yourself with the principle of inviting and adding co-authors by reading the publication  "Inviting co-authors (correspondents) to your blog" , as well as I do not consider it superfluous to remind once again thatDO NOT GRANT ADMINISTRATOR RIGHTS ON YOUR BLOG TO UNKNOWN PEOPLE. To publish messages, the rights of the AUTHOR will be enough !!!

f) READERS of the blog!

By default, your blog can be visited and read by any Internet user ("Anyone"), but if you want your blog and publications on it to be available only to a certain circle of Internet users (selected users), then select one of the following values:
- "Only blog authors" - in this case, your blog will be available only to people whom you invited to co-author your resource;
- "Only these readers" - by selecting this, your blog will become available only to those users whom you yourself invite to be readers!
Learn more about sharing information on your blog only to selected people , read on the page "Access to the blog only to selected readers!"

I want to draw your attention to the fact that if you have nothing to hide from prying eyes and, on the contrary, you are eager to share your information with many Internet users, then, of course, in the "BLOG READERS" setting, check the "Anyone" item

On this, perhaps, I will finish the first part of the description of the initial settings of the blog on hosting blogspot (Blogger), so that I can gather my thoughts for further publications, and you will not be overloaded with information!
Continued in "Initial Blog Settings 

How to Customize Blogger Website 2022
How to Customize Blogger Website 2022


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