How to Make Money from Blogging

How to Make Money from Blogging

As a blogger, you can monetize your blog and earn more than you ever dreamed of. There are no limits to the amount that you can earn per blog post. If you really love blogging, then this is a great business opportunity for you to start making passive income online. However, if you aren’t sure what kind of content you want to write about, you can also use affiliate advertising for free. After all, why not?!

1) Find Niche

There’s a reason for this. Many people make their first money as bloggers in internet marketing. As they learn how to market themselves, they get inspired to do it or they have other people who can help them grow their businesses. You can also find ways to become an SEO expert, so that you can market yourself, sell products, etc.

2) Choose An A-Lister Site

There is no better place for bloggers to launch their online stores than at sites owned by popular and successful bloggers. These blogs are well known and regularly visited by millions of visitors every day. They are one of the most trusted and trustworthy sources on the web as their credibility is unrivaled.

3) Build Your Website Yourself

If you already own a website for your e-store, don’t worry! You can design your website yourself and make it look professional, complete with a beautiful domain name. It is important to point out that building your own website is easy and doesn’t require much technical skills, but it does require some time and money. With proper planning and budget allocation, your site will be ready within an hour or two.

4) Setup Email Campaigns

Email campaigns have become very common nowadays not only because they provide high engagement rates, but also because email marketers use an automated system in order to reach more prospects. Not too many websites offer these services, however many blogs do. In these emails, you can present your valuable knowledge to potential customers and ask them to contact you. For example, if you know someone who wants to buy something online, you can send email to them asking if they would like to try shopping at your store.

5) Create Video Content

There are plenty of video marketing tools that allow you to create videos and share them directly on social media. YouTube and other platforms are full of great channels dedicated to sharing different types of videos. There’s nothing like seeing your product being featured on TV in front of thousands of viewers.

6) Use Social Media Sites

Social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, are also good areas for promoting your blogs. When you post links on social media, it helps people find your blog and read all its articles. Also, posting updates and new posts gives your audience something to do. They can comment, like, or even leave comments! Social media platforms are excellent source of traffic and sales for your existing readers and new customers. Plus, they are extremely cheap.

How to Make Money from Blogging
How to Make Money from Blogging

7) Sell Products Online

One of the easiest ways to earn money online is selling products online. The best way to sell your products online is through eBay or Amazon. Their listings are displayed on top Google search results page, so that anyone searching for any product or service can find them and purchase them without the risk of missing a sale or going broke.

8) Become A Freelancer Writer

If you’re creative and really like writing, consider becoming a freelance writer. Writing is an amazing hobby that has many great opportunities for writers like you to start making money from just this way.

9) Start Your Own Business

If you do not have a business idea yet, you can always hire the help of a local entrepreneur or a copywriter in Australia. Some of those guys/girls might offer to help pay your bills or help run your business. This job can be done remotely thanks to flexible work hours and remote location.

10) Take Care Of Health Problems

You might be dealing with health problems, but you can still earn some extra cash simply by taking care of this problem by selling products online. Do you like eating healthy? Then you can start buying supplements and making your diet healthier. Alternatively, you can become part of fitness group or local gym and help improve their programs or keep track of training sessions that benefit your body and your lifestyle.


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