How to Write a SEO Friendly Post on the Blogger Dashboard

 Instructions to Write a SEO Friendly Post on the Blogger Dashboard

A large portion of you might have heard the expression "Search engine oriented". Composing a post or article considering all the SEO factors on the page is one of the primary errands of the article writer. This part gives an itemized clarification of "How to Write a Blogger Post". Web optimization techniques change consistently, you ought to continuously refresh each day. Whenever you compose a post/article, remember the accompanying perspectives:

  1. The feature of the message
  2. Message content
  3. Permalinks
  4. Names
  5. Search Description

The feature of the message

The message title ought to contain 60-70 characters. In the post title, center around the principle catchphrase. Continuously incorporate a long title for your post, don't utilize short titles.

Message content

Quality written substance makes all the difference. Continuously concoct interesting and new substance. Content ought to be 600-800 characters. Continuously start your post with an Introduction and afterward embed the right and fitting picture for your post.
We suggest utilizing Jump. After the picture click on the Jump break choice which you can find in the menu/toolbar above. In your post, utilize a heading, a subheading, and an optional heading. To make the post look perfect and understood To feature any message in a message, use "quote". choice
Assuming your substance is short, ensure it gets more remarks since remarks are additionally added as Google content. For instance, on the off chance that your post has 500 words and the remarks have 150 words, that considers 650 words, not only 500 words.


In blogger you will track down two sorts of permalinks
  1.  Programmed permalink
  2. Custom permalink.
Programmed permalink makes a permalink naturally founded on the post title. A custom permalink implies that you want to determine the permalink physically. I generally suggest utilizing a custom permalink. It ought to contain 4-5 words, be short and convey the right significance.
Write a SEO Friendly Post on the Blogger
Write a SEO Friendly Post on the Blogger


The names demonstrate which specialty you are posting in. Names are helpful for rapidly exploring your site. For instance, on the off chance that you compose 3 posts/articles and give similar mark, every one of the 3 posts fall into a similar classification.
It is prescribed to give 2-3 labels for each post

Search Description

The hunt depiction is the portrayal of your post that is shown to the client when they search on web indexes like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, and so on The inquiry portrayal is an outline of the post/article and lets the peruser know what data they will get by perusing the article. In your pursuit depiction, you are attempting to determine an alternate catchphrase that isn't in the post title. It should contain 150 words