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5 Signals the liver sends when it is in Danger

5 Signals the liver sends when it is in Danger

When the liver is suffering , our body begins to complain, warning of latent damage to this organ, which is so important for good health. Poorly nutritious dinners and large meals that accumulate in our digestive system make it difficult for the correct elimination of toxins and the body begins to send signals. Here, the 5 most frequent.

1 Poor Digestion

It is when you feel heavy after you eat or an acid sensation when you swallow saliva, gas and intestinal discomfort, usually after lunch or dinner. If you eat greasy foods at night, you may even feel nauseous.

2. Tiredness

Although fatty food gives you energy, it also obstructs the proper functioning of the liver, which is the main responsible for filtering the body's energy when we digest what we eat well.

A diseased liver does not intervene correctly in the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins, since it becomes saturated with toxins.

At this point, energy levels drop and you feel tired. You can also have frequent headaches.

3. Constipation

It is common to be irregular when going to the bathroom if the liver has problems, and if you already suffer from constipation due to a proper digestive disorder, the constipation can be accentuated.

It is also possible that you perceive bad breath and see your dirty tongue (white or yellowish).

4. Sweating and bad body odor

This is because the retention of toxins in the liver can cause excessive sweating and unpleasant odors. It is accentuated because the body tries to regulate the temperature, since the body's temperature rises due to its fight against toxic agents and bacteria.

5. Cystic acne

If a sudden acne breaks out on your face and neck , it may be a hormonal problem originating in the liver. It is known because the pimples are large, inflamed and leave marks on the skin.

In this case, increase your consumption of cucumber, asparagus, and broccoli to help cleanse the liver through digestion.

DATA | Changes in mood

Although it seems strange, physiological changes are not the only consequences of a liver overloaded with toxins. You can also notice changes on an emotional level . Increases irritability, nervousness, or listlessness.

To solve this problem, change your diet and include more green vegetables.

What happens if the liver is neglected?

Your body will not be able to process toxins, or digest food properly, so that later all waste is expelled through the blood.

  1. The body loses its purifying capacity.
  2. The accumulation of toxins in the liver can lead to cancer and death. 
  3. Foods that take care of the liver

It is important to eat a diet low in saturated fat and refined sugars. Opt for whole grains and legumes.

Cooked green and stem vegetables and legumes like thistle or celery are a good alternative. The artichoke relaxes the liver cleansing process quite a bit. It is preferable to eat it steamed.

Don't forget to eat avocados and dress your salads with extra virgin olive oil , which contains vitamin E, and apples, oats and plums for their soluble fiber.

The most beneficial

  • Asparagus: They favor the elimination of toxins through the urine . Consume them baked or steamed 3 to 4 times a week.
  • Radish or broccoli sprouts: Packed with fresh vitamins and minerals, available to add purifying digestive enzymes for the body . Add a handful to your salads daily.
  • Leek or garlic joint: Rich in sulfur compounds that help the proper functioning of the liver .
  • Chickpeas: Due to its high content of amino acids, it helps the liver to intervene correctly in the metabolism for liver cleansing and facilitates the absorption of those amino acids that are so beneficial for our body.
  •  Artichokes: They are rich in silymarin which is an antioxidant that the plant contains. They contribute to the cleansing and detoxification of the liver . Ideally, take them 2 or 3 times a week with raw or steamed lemon juice.
Apple: Due to its high content of pectin and antioxidants, it neutralizes free radicals that are formed in the first phase of detoxification , favors intestinal transit and the elimination of toxic substances through the feces.
5 Signals the liver sends when it is in Danger
5 Signals the liver sends when it is in Danger

Eating one a day, preferably green, will bring well-being to the liver, and your skin will appreciate it.

  • Cucumber: Because it is rich in water and minerals that promote the expulsion of toxins through the urine, it is ideal for liver care. It is also hydrating and low in calories. Eat it daily in juices, salads, and smoothies.

Ultimately, you have to protect the liver to be healthy. So much so that according to oriental medicine if you maintain a healthy liver you will feel good and with more energy, even if you do not do any physical activity.


Thursday, December 23, 2021

The Ideal Hard Drive for Gamer: Se-agate Expansion 4TB

 The Ideal Hard Drive for Gamer: Se-agate Expansion 4TB

I am fond of video games and in general everything that has to do with computing, and I was looking for an easy and comfortable way to save all my files on a portable hard drive without the risk of it being damaged over time, as I already did. It has happened with the thousands of external hard drives that I have bought.

However, choosing the best brand of external hard drive is not easy. There are so many brands and so many prices that it is really very difficult to decide which one is best for you. I am now using the Seagate Expansion STEA4000400 .

Why choose the Se-agate?

Seagate is a well-known brand for home appliance and computer equipment. In fact, as a computer programmer and repairer, I have always recommended this brand to my clients.

It is true that when I bought the new Seagate hard drive it was out of sheer urgency. At that time I not only had the pressure to save all the data of each of my clients on the Internet, but I also had to save the progress of the final project of my university career and of my courses in order to graduate as a programmer.

Once I had placed the purchase order through Amazon , at first I had my doubts because I had never tried one of the removable hard drives of that brand, but after having used the product in different situations, I immediately fell in love with my new acquisition. Like I said, Seagate is a good brand for all kinds of computer and laptop hardware and parts.

Hard drive with good storage

One of the characteristics that we take into account when choosing a good hard drive is its storage capacity. For this reason I was surprised to see that the new Seagate Expansion STEA4000400 hard drive has a storage power of 4 TB (4,000 GB).

With such a storage power, you can easily save all kinds of files: personal information, music, movies, video games, presentations, photos, etc.

This storage capacity is one of the most important advantages that this hard drive has over the rest of the competition, which often go up to 2 TB. Now imagine the large number of files that you can store with 4 TB of memory and take it wherever you want in your backpack or work portfolio. It is super useful to me.

Information transfer speed

Another advantage that I could see is the speed of information transfer that it has. Connected to a USB 3.0 port, the information transfer speed is approximately 140 MB / s, which makes it a kind of "road runner". It can also be connected with a USB 2.0 port without any problem.

You may be wondering why should I care about the speed of information transfer? Well, in external hard drives, and in general in any type of information storage hardware, the transfer speed is important so that, in case of some eventuality such as a power failure, the information is already stored inside the hard drive of optimally and efficiently.

I checked the transfer speed of this hard drive in a time of extreme urgency. He had suffered a power failure and even though he had a working UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), he had only a few minutes left on. At the time I was finishing a job for a client and saved the advances to the Seagate Expansion hard drive ; Fortunately, the transfer to the external hard drive was achieved in less than 1 minute, despite the fact that the information weighed more than 150 megabytes.

Universal USB cable and storage power for other devices

The USB cable is another thing you can count on when you buy this external hard drive. It is true that it is a bit short compared to other cables, but this makes up for it with a much more universal format and that can be adapted in any other device: be it for laptops, computers or video game consoles.

When I say that this external hard drive is one of the recommendations of the year, it is because it is. It really is a very good option to save information.

For Gamer

If you are a gamer, you will find this 4 TB external hard drive very useful since it will allow you to save a large number of games from different consoles, be it Xbox, PS3, PS4, computer games, among others. For those of us who are passionate about video games, this has become our right hand to bring our video games to the home of friends or family.

Whenever I go to play Sniper Elite 4, Call Of Duty, or Metal Gear, I always take my Seagate Expansion STEA4000400 with me . With these facilities (good storage, a universal USB cable and small size) it is more than obvious that it has become one of the best investments I have made in terms of external hard drive.

Comparison with other Removable Hard Drive

It goes without saying that the Seagate Expansion is not the only one on the market. The WD My Passport is also well known, but when you put them face to face, you can see the differences.

First of all, the Seagate Expansion has more storage than the WD My Passport. While if you buy a Seagate Expansion STEA400400 you get 4 TB of memory, the WD My Passport has a storage power of only 256 GB.

Second, with the WD My Passport there is no price-performance balance, whereas with the Seagate Expansion STE A 400 400 there is. I have always told my clients: it is better to buy something expensive, with good materials, than an inexpensive product with poor quality materials. Although the WD My Passport is more affordable than the Seagate , it leaves a lot to be desired in quality.

The Ideal Hard Drive for Gamer: Se-agate Expansion 4TB
 The Ideal Hard Drive for Gamer: Se-agate Expansion 4TB

Third, the WD has a very limited capacity in terms of transfer speed. While the Seagate has a data transfer rate of up to 140 Mb per second, the WD has just 60 Mb per second.

I had a WD My Passport and I have to say that compared to the Seagate Expansion STE A400 400 , it has those limitations. I only use it when it's an emergency and I don't have the Seagate Expansion on hand .


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How to promote a good work environment?

How to promote a good work environment?

 If you want to maintain business performance based on meeting the goals of your business, accept the challenge of promoting necessary values ​​with workers and apply strategies that promote a good work environment.

The progress of a corporate organization of any size is measured by its work climate . For that reason, it is vital that the workplace is enjoyable and challenging for everyone. How to achieve that environment? Working on a work motivation strategy that allows workers to get involved with the organization and develop their professional talents.

Here we give you powerful tips to start improving performance in your company.

1. Tolerance and respect above all

It is normal that all the members of a company do not get along completely, therefore, respect and harmony should be the key words among the staff.

2. Active listening equals performance

Delegating without first receiving advice is not good for the development of the company. If you learn to listen to your employees, you will not only have ideas for new projects, but they will also improve their performance in different areas.

Take the time to listen a little to their problems, both those of the people who detract from your organization, as well as all those elements that are responsible for the proper functioning of the company at different levels.

3. Order and calm in difficult times

In a healthy work environment, enthusiasm, order and calm are vital to overcome difficult times in the company. For this, it is essential to provide the information that the staff needs; clear and concise messages that give security in the handling of the problem and that help to maintain the environment to continue working in the company.

4. Recognize the work of your employees

Work rewarded on the basis of effort generates a sense of commitment in employees . If you want to implement a personnel change, first ask your workers, or if you see that something does not work as it should, ask people politely about the reasons and promote team solutions.

5. Promote confidence

Earning the trust of employees is a good starting point to improve the work environment. Thank the people on the team for the work they do, acknowledge their successes . Thus, if you make small changes, you will have calm and open workers to come to you when they have doubts, new ideas or other concerns.

Remember that satisfied employees translate into higher productivity.

6. Promote cooperation rather than competition

Create awareness in the team that everyone is working towards a common goal. Therefore, complicity, cohesion and above all cooperation are the main ingredients to improve personal relationships.

7. Bet on conciliation and empathy

Prevent work from conditioning the personal life of your employees. As a company you can promote various actions such as giving the option of more flexible hours or those adapted to school hours , among other solutions.

To handle conciliation effectively you need to develop the empathy of the leader because complicated situations can arise and you must have enough empathy to understand them and understand the possible consequences.

8. Stimulates their development

Give your employees the necessary tools to develop their professional career within the company to the maximum ; stimulates your growth prospects and improves over time.

Tell them about the rewards at the status or economic level, you can also motivate them with training courses of their interest with which they can also improve the productivity of their daily work.

9. Allow them to be autonomous

When employees know that they have responsibilities in their work, they begin to think critically and propose ideas that end up in projects, because they believe that their actions and opinions are important and have relevance within the company.

10. Always with patience

Give your employees second chances in case of mistakes that do not put the profitability of the company at risk.

When you see the fruits of a job well done, organize activities in which all the company's collaborators participate , such as birthday celebrations, meals, excursions, etc. Thus, you promote respect and trust inside and outside the office.

How to promote a good work environment?
How to promote a good work environment?

Developing and sustaining a good work environment takes time but has multiple benefits because employees will perform better, create strong work teams and the company will meet its goals in the stipulated time.


Friday, December 10, 2021

5 Reasons Why you Should decide to learn English Today

 5 Reasons Why you Should decide to learn English Today

English is the universal language par excellence and today it has many useful applications, both in the workplace and in the social and cultural fields. As a universal language it is also one of the most studied in the world, this because people have understood all the advantages that can be obtained when you speak several languages ​​and especially one as popular as English.

Learning English has become a requirement in such a competitive world. If you DO NOT speak English fluently, your job options are Limited. Currently companies are hiring to work from home, and in most it is a requirement to know English.

Today there are no excuses to learn English, there are courses that help you with 100% online methodologies to learn this valuable language, unfortunately it is difficult to distinguish good courses from those that are not worth it.

Before going to see the 5 reasons we would like to give you this information about a 100% online course that is worth its weight in gold. This is the I learn English course with Natalie Maldonado , this program taught by native professionals from English-speaking countries will help you speak English in just 30 days (incredible, right?) And if this language still doesn't convince you or it doesn't seem so necessary, read on and find out the 5 reasons why you should decide to learn English today:

1.More job opportunities

We start this list with a reason that may seem obvious to you, but that is also the most important: job opportunities.

One of the best economies in the world is the American one and, as such, it is the one that offers the best sources of employment for nationals and foreigners. Especially in the last decade and with the rise of telecommuting, companies in the US are now looking for support personnel all over the world and one of the mandatory requirements to hire is, of course, proficiency in English.

2. Internationalize your business

Many brands and SMEs around the world seek to expand and now they know that the only way to do it is by learning English and using it as a base language to communicate with potential clients through websites, social networks, emails, etc.

In an interview with CNN , the CEO of the Japanese company Rakuten, Hiroshi Mikitani stated that "The only way for a business to go global is if all its employees speak English"

In fact, more than 50% of companies worldwide not only require their employees to be fluent in the language, but have also established a policy for them to converse during the day in English.

In the same interview, CNN quotes Tsedal Neeley, a Harvard Business School professor who shares the same vision of many: “Companies that do not adopt English as the standard for their entire organization, at some point,« they will experience some kind of bottleneck. '

3. Increased learning and study opportunities

It is not a surprise that most of the information is in English and if you want to access it immediately without having to wait for it to be translated, it is good that you are fluent in the language.

According to the online language platform Sprachcaffe “Another important reason to learn English is that we will be able to access a better education, without limiting ourselves to universities or training centers in our own country. In addition, it will give us access to the most current and complete information, we will know the latest advances and we will be able to access the majority of scientific, academic and technological texts, written in English. According to a study, more than 56% of Internet sites are edited in English ... "

So if you are interested in learning new skills from anywhere in the world, English is practically mandatory and also an advantage that will make you learn from the best, instantly.

4. Travel and learn about other cultures

We do not mean that to travel you need to master English, but it would be much easier to communicate without the help of anyone, if you speak this language.

All, absolutely all countries, both in airports and hotels and everything that has to do with the tourism sector, have staff who speak English, so asking for directions or recommendations is easier if you know how to speak it.

5 Reasons Why you Should decide to learn English Today
 5 Reasons Why you Should decide to learn English Today

Regarding this, Sprachcaffe also thinks: “Speaking English will allow you to travel around the world and make yourself understood. You will be able to fully enjoy your trip since English is spoken on all five continents, and it will avoid stressful situations caused by the language barrier. In addition to being the Frankish language in almost the entire planet, English is the official language of many countries such as England, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Malta, Australia, New Zealand, as well as some countries in the Caribbean, Asia and Africa. Imagine all the possibilities! "

5. More mental agility

And finally, one of the reasons why you should learn English is because it increases your mental agility.

According to the Huffington Post , in a study carried out by the Journal of Neuroscience “adults who have spoken two languages ​​since childhood have better cognitive flexibility, that is, they have more facility to adapt to a new or unexpected circumstance than adults who only speak a tongue. In the study, participants had to complete a cognitive flexibility task; Although both monolingual and bilingual adults were able to complete it, bilinguals did it more quickly and also certain parts of their brain required less energy to complete it. "

So now you know, if you haven't done it so far, decide to learn a language that will only bring advantages to your life, do it with Natalie Maldonado online to obtain incredible results in a short time.


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How to Improve the Organic Life of Your Website

 How to Improve the Organic Life of Your Website

Physical statue is a facts that any digital marketing should bear in mind, not to place their website status correctly. But also to increase the sales of your products, services or items. But do we know how to implement this process to increase the ranking of your website? This is a very high light issue within the digital marketing area and will need some information to be understood naturally by users.

Within this general situation, there is no doubt that the physical world must be used wisely and with a balance in the processes to be carried out. But most of all it depends on the function of our electronics business or virtual store. Because it will depend on them whether one is taking action or not and that in some cases they may be different in terms of the rules of the stadium that you have to succeed from now on.

For successful bloggers who are sure to meet more easily, there is nothing better than to give you some of the best practice guides to improve the ranking of your site. You will find that it will not take much effort to bring them out, but in return the opportunities for your business may be more important than what you have planned so far. Here we will explain some of the most relevant keys to your success. Are you ready to make a little effort to prove it?

Physical condition: why is it important to develop it?

This practice should be done year after year so that your website is self-contained and with it improves the number of visits you have in each sport. It is the only option to improve the data and therefore increase sales. For this to be this way, we will explain below some ways to improve your living situation.

The first of these lies is the fact that you have to differentiate your traffic sources . With the first goal being to generate more visitors and then achieve more love sites. Well, from this digital process you can open yourself to sources from social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram among the most important at the moment). Participating in them will help you increase the living space of your site.

Another of the most appropriate strategies to satisfy this professional demand lives in the traffic light of digital content , or just attractive, but is of excellent quality. Especially through the size and hearing aids. It will be helpful to generate traffic from different sources of information. In this sense, You Tube can be a high performance channel for your personal interests.

Design a word-of-mouth business strategy

This very important program to improve the ranking of the website will take effect immediately. It is not the other thing that increases the ranking in Google search results. In this sense, you can use other tools when searching for words. How about through Google AdWords ? This is a good decision if what you want is for your content to reach people or companies that can match your marketing strategies. Without a doubt, you will increase the percentage of search traffic, between 20% and 30% of your previous traffic.

In any case, opting for this model will lead to new worlds emerging in your business lines through the Internet, whatever their origin and nature. Because of some of the following feeds authorized by the word search system:

  1. The trial will be of the highest quality and with a great penetration of the message .
  2. You can access other search engines that can give you better results from now on.
  3. You will lay the most basic foundations for the deepest are laid more often than not .
  4. Keyword targeting will allow you to redefine your niches about what you want to achieve with your business or digital store.

Do not doubt that in the end you will achieve what you want most: that your teachers or client feel recognized with your messages or content . And therefore, rely on the messages you send them.

There is no doubt that this fitness activity can be satisfied with the improvement in the promotion status of your website. Through a very balanced strategy on what you want to achieve to reach this part of the business process. Beyond the more traditional ideas in digital marketing and that will be the subject of many other things of interest to small and medium enterprises in the sector.

Get to know your users or customers better

Therefore, one of the keys to improving the integration of your website is based on this simple practical application at first glance. By the following questions you should ask yourself from now on:

  • Knowing the profile you really aim for and in this way is a better choice in demand.
  • Recognize that this strategy with different perspectives depends on the approaches you set out . Not surprisingly, it is not the same to meet teachers who are younger and more experienced than most people.
  • To meet these needs you have a lot of detailed support. Want to know some of the most important? Okay, consider whether you need it anytime in your professional life: Google, Google Keyword Tool and Google Designs , among others.

Design a successful and yet ambitious plan

The basic layout of your website should never be compromised . Of course not. It will be a big mistake that you can pay interest later. On the contrary, it requires very careful information. Take note of some important relevant data: the decision to publish, the level of user profile and above all the desire to reach the end of the field with well-done homework.

It will not always be an easy task but will require a lot of dedication, knowledge and a great desire to progress in your digital career. With these tips you will have something simple to improve the reason you have proposed to increase the promotion status of your website. Although it is easy to remember that this can not be done overnight. But on the contrary, it requires a little more time, as on the other hand it is wise to understand the part of digital entrepreneurs.

For this part of the process to develop regularly, there is nothing better than to give you a lot of useful tips that will make it easier for you to perform this task more efficiently. For example, the following is provided to you at this time:

  • Try all the way to find other professionals at the same level to gather information about the venues you have to set up for yourself from now on.
  • If you find that you are going to set up places that are very difficult to meet it is preferable that the recesses . Not surprisingly, it is desirable that the victims were able to develop normally.
  • To formulate your marketing plan, it is very easy to remember the department in which your store or digital business is headed . They are not the same sources that should be used in the sale of audio equipment as in the sale of sports products.

Do not push digital ideas to levels that could be very detrimental to your interests within the sector. One of the keys to success lies in making very simple ideas , but above all success in a very short period of time.

Search for quality content

If you want to encourage your sales, you should opt for poor quality content. Your impact may be antithetical to your e-commerce. To the extent that users can deviate from your project with great ease . This is so because they are looking for a different application from other websites. Even so users can change their decision based on these elements.

How to Improve the Organic Life of Your Website
How to Improve the Organic Life of Your Website

While on the other hand, you can not forget that If you want customers to trust you, you must give them the best content . And if your ranking is higher, then the better for your business interests. Without leaving any aspect in the hands of improving as this will only create problems for you to improve the ranking of your page.

If you follow all these tips regularly, you will find out from now on everything will be fine for you within your digital sector. To the point you will be in the best position to correct any mistakes you may make. Especially in the beginning in the development of your business, as on the other hand it is wise to think. Start using them as soon as possible!


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What is a Social Blog and How to Create it

 What is a Social Blog and How to Create it

When you own a company and create your own website, you can also choose to include a corporate blog, that is, a blog in which you will deal with information related to the company, perhaps inside or at the market level.

However, What exactly is a corporate blog? How was it created? What kind of content should you host? All that and more is what we will be commenting on below.

What a social Blog

Before you learn how to create a social networking blog, or the tricks you can have, it is imperative that you understand 100% what one is. It can be described as "That website containing content created by a company, institution or brand" . These should be published regularly and also based on useful information for readers. What kind of information? Always one related on a topic.

For example, imagine you have a social blog for a protein shake sign. Things that would be useful may be related to the products, for example to maximize their benefits, to talk about what they do ... But you can also do about foods with protein shakes , how to provide it, etc. That is, they are themes of the same theme but they do not have to focus only and exclusively on what you sell, but also on what that product encompasses.

In general, corporate blogging is the way a company communicates with its users , where it can provide relevant information and content that supports its products. Therefore, the people who should be in charge of these things must be professionals, whether from an internal online marketing department, an outside agency or a professional writer.

Steps to create a Corporate Blog

Now that you know what a corporate blog is, it is time to think about what you should do to create it because, if you do not consider different steps, it will not work for you. So, below we will talk about what you should do.

Design your Strategy

Within the organization you must have two main areas in mind: venues and everyone.

Los Venues you must set up should be realistic and should not focus only on the long term (because almost all the venues you would think will meet in the long run, be careful), but also in the short term.

For example, imagine you want to create a corporate blog to have customers in the first month. It will be a temporary venue, but is it true? Not much less. You must know that the results of a blog will not be seen from the first moment, they need time to work. Nor would it be a good place to attract customers quickly or for a blog to have an audience of a million readers at a rate of 2-3. It is very difficult for you to achieve that, even paying for it.

In relation to everyone, you need to know who you will be dealing with in deciding a content strategy and knowing what language will be used in the text or in the video (which is something more and more used and promoted) .

Be aware of your Resources

You will create a corporate blog, great. But you need to know what sources you have. If you do not have anyone in the industry who is a professional writer, regardless of how much they like writing or doing well, they may not connect with the reader, or they may not understand SEO; and that this will cause the items not to reach their proper place.

Author for texts, designer for illustrations, detailed information, creations; social media to spread the posts ... Yes, you need all that to get results. And no, all-in-one is not worth it because quality will suffer. If you share the right budget, you will get the right result.

Organize your Content

Next, this step is perhaps one of the most important and you should think carefully. It is divided into several substitutes that you have to consider but, in general, we are talking about developing a strategy to follow in terms of the number of items, when they are published, what will be the body, what is the depth of detail of the items will in, length, pictures, genres ... We talk more in depth:

Blog Area

You have to define the type of body you want a social networking site to have, that is, process, non-verbal, close-knit, close ... For example, imagine that on a blog you talk about yourself and when you are invited, you talk about yourself. Two styles do not like, so you have to combine it.

Publication Calendar

It is important that you know when to publish things, and that these are ahead of time. Programming them will not only help you organize yourself better, but to spread the content, you will give more attention to social media so that you can prepare publications that work as before to that content.

Depending on the type of company, it can be fun to print once every 15 days (2 a month) or even 1 a week. If you start to bear fruit, you can also plan the growing posts. What you should remember is that you do not leave it because a company that does not take care of itself may not give a good image to its users.

Traffic Sources

Sending something is fine, but it will not reach everyone if you do not pick it up . That is why you will have to define different channels to get, both social networks, newsletters, email marketing, other blogs, adwords, and so on.

What is a Social Blog and How to Create it
 What is a Social Blog and How to Create it

Explain the Statistics

In other words, tools that will measure the results you get with the blog to determine whether the content is relevant to your audience or you need to try something else.

Design a Corporate Blog

Another step to creating a corporate blog is the same, design it. Too many of the blogs are integrated into the company’s website, branded ... and they wear the same style, worst of all there are times when you want to give it another design.

For this you must have a good web designer who knows how to work with codes to change style and make to taste what you want. Therefore, you must follow the line that all other pages.


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What is Web Hosting and What are Its Types

 What is Web Hosting and What are Its Types

When you are going to create a new website, you will definitely need to host websites or Web Hosting in order to host the files of your website and make it available to visitors. But what exactly is web hosting? How does it work? And what are its types? What are the factors that you should focus on when choosing it? What are the most important concepts and terms associated with it?

These are just a sample of the questions that may come to your mind when choosing a hosting for your site, and let me tell you that you should get an answer to every question that comes to your mind before you actually start buying hosting for your site.Of course, you can go directly to our article about the best web hosts for 2021 , and choose one of the hosts mentioned in the list - a reliable and carefully selected list by the way - but if you need my advice… you have to understand what you are going to 

deal with in the future. In this article, I will put your hand on literally everything you need to know about web hosting, so that you come out of this article and you are well acquainted with this entity called hosting, which will have a very effective role in your site’s success journey.

I will explain everything in a simple and easy way and with examples that will help you to understand everything easily… Are you ready? let's go…

What is Web Hosting?

First let us agree that; Web Hosting, Web Hosting, Web Hosting, Web Hosting are all terms referring to the same thing. Web hosts are specialized companies that provide a web hosting service. They provide the hardware, software, and technology that enables your website to appear on the web and make it available for browsing by visitors.

Web Hosting: It gives website owners storage space on their servers. Your site files are stored in these storage spaces.

Web Hosting: It is the one that manages your site's connection to the Internet through a software (program) that works with special technology, in order to make your site available on the Internet for everyone who wants to visit it.

Web Hosting: Provides you as a website owner with a security system for your site to protect it from hacking, as well as technical support services to solve problems and help when needed.

The devices used by website hosts are called servers, which are computers that specialize in saving website data and appearing on the web. They are computers with very high performance specifications, storage spaces, and operational capabilities.

If you've read our article on what is the Internet , you probably know that the Internet is a group of computers connected together to form a network called the Web. Every image you see on the web, a video you play, or a written article like the one you read this is stored on a computer, somewhere in the real world...but mostly these computers aren't the personal devices we use, they are servers that are made Specifically for this purpose.

In order to understand the idea more clearly, you have to understand that any website is based on 3 main pillars:

The basic pillars of any website

1. Domain Name

This represents the address through which an Internet user can access your site, which is unique and non-duplicate, and is purchased from special online stores (most hosting companies have a domain name store).

2. Website Files

They are files written in special programming languages, which distinguish your site from other sites, in terms of functionality, capabilities, color, shape, and space distribution. These files are written by programming professionals, or generated by website builders such as WordPress (in this case, ready-made website designs are often purchased).

Of course, when you start publishing content on the site, it will consist of another type of files, which are files that represent the content of the site from texts, images and videos.

3. Web Hosting Provider

Which hosting company we are talking about today, on which the site files are stored, and through which the site files are linked to the domain name. And through it, your site is available for use by any user who types the domain name in his browser.

This is very similar to building a house on the ground:

In order to build a house, you need an address (that is, the means by which anyone can reach your house), this address is linked to a piece of land, on which you will build your house, and finally you need walls, ceiling and furniture in order for your house to have a structure, shape and structure.

Your home address stands for your site's domain name, the plot of land stands for hosting, and the walls, ceiling, and furniture all stand for your site files.

Important concepts associated with web hosting

1. Web Servers

In Arabic, they are called servers or servers, and they are simply special-type computers used by hosting companies, for the purpose of storing website files and managing their Internet connection.

These servers are compared to personal computers; They are larger in storage spaces, and more capable of handling data. They are intended to perform one function, which is to respond to users' requests to load websites into the browser.These servers must run periodically without interruption (a failure of any server leads to the disruption of the site or the sites linked to it).

2. C.Panel control panel

It is the most famous private control panel that hosting companies give to their customers, in order to manage the site and its files. It is worth noting that many hosting companies have recently started to use their own control panels instead of using the C Panel control panel, in order to facilitate the management of sites by users.

3. FTP Account

It is a special login data that the hosting company gives you, and it is similar to the login data for C Panel, but it can be changed to be unique. FTP data is used by special programs such as File Zilla  , to access and modify site files. With your C Panel you can create as many FTP accounts as you wish. In the event that you want to make modifications to the basic files of your site, you will need this data.

4. Data Center

The data center or data center is a place belonging to the hosting that is fully equipped and prepared to run the servers. Every hosting company has at least one data center, and most companies have more than one data center in different places around the world. The data center is a fully equipped building to operate the servers, which has a continuous source of power and cooling, and there is a team of specialists to manage it and deal with errors or problems if they exist.

The closer the data center is to the visitors who visit your site, the better the speed of loading the site in the browser, so you need to make sure that the hosting company has a suitable data center for your site. It is worth noting that there are many large companies such as banks that have their own data centers, and they manage their servers themselves in order to provide a better protection and security system.

5. Disk Space

Storage or Disk Space is the space your hosting company provides for you to use to store your site files. It is worth noting that the storage space varies between hosting companies and some of them, and it also differs between different packages in the same hosting company. Storage space is one of the very important factors in choosing a hosting company, so you should consider it when choosing your hosting company.

For example, if you intend to display high-quality images on your site, you will need a large storage space for your site.

6. Bandwidth

It means the amount of data transferred between the server and the users. Every user who loads your website in his internet browser will need a certain amount of bandwidth which enables him to transfer data for all the files in the web page he wants to download.

It is worth noting that hosting companies differ in the size of the bandwidth that they give to users, and this varies in one company also according to the package subscribed to by the customer.

Types of Website or Web Hosting

Mostly, the types of add-ons are classified according to the sources and capabilities available in each, and here is a list of the most popular and most widely used types of add-ons in the market:

1. Shared Hosting

This type of hosting is considered the cheapest and most popular on the Internet. In which one server is shared to many clients, there may be tens or hundreds of users on one huge server.

When you subscribe to this type of hosting, it means sharing the resources and features of this server with other clients, which in turn means that your site's resources such as Bandwidth may be affected by another site that receives more visitors.

It is suitable for all small business owners, and is suitable for starting or testing a new business. One of the advantages of Shared Hosting is that it is completely under the management of the hosting company, and it is the hosting company that adjusts its presets. One of its disadvantages is that a problem with one of the sites, such as a viral penetration, for example, affects all subscribers in the same server.

2. VPS Hosting

This is the highest level of hosting right after Shared Hosting. You will need it if the number of visitors to your site exceeds the level of the common host. Of course, this type is better in performance and resources compared to the previous one. It is similar to shared hosting in that there is a subscription with other clients on the same server.

But the difference here is that there is a separation in the sources between the sites and some of them. No other site on the same server can use your site's resources in any way. As it appears from its name, it is a virtual private server inside a large shared server, and therefore it is located in the middle between the shared hosting and the private server.

3. Dedicated Hosting

This is the highest level of Web Hosting, by purchasing Dedicated Hosting means that there is a dedicated server with all its resources dedicated solely to your site. This, of course, has a positive impact on your site's performance, loading speed, and accommodating the largest number of visitors.

This type is suitable for large sites that receive a large number of visitors daily, or sites that contain media that need large storage spaces, such as high-quality images and videos. Also, this type can be customized and adjusted according to your site's specific needs.

It is worth noting that there are two types of this type of hosting:

  1.  A special server managed by the hosting company Managed Server: (that is, the hosting company is responsible for setting up the server completely).
  2. Self-Managed Servers: The user is responsible for everything related to travel and can even change its operating system.

4. Cloud Hosting

This type of hosting represents a new and relatively new technology in the world of Web Hosting, it is completely different from the previous ones and works in a different way.

  • In the previous types of hosting, your site is linked to one server, whether it is dedicated to you in the case of Dedicated Hosting or you share it with others in VPS and Shared.
  • In Cloud Hosting, your site is linked to a group of servers, working together in a cluster called (cluster of servers). This group of servers works together as one huge server, which includes the resources of all the servers combined.

The wonderful thing here is that a failure in one of the servers does not mean the failure of the cluster as a whole. Therefore, your site will not be disrupted by any server in the group, because its data will be saved on many servers. Another advantage of this type is that you can pay according to the resources that your site needs only.

5. Re-seller Hosting

This type is not suitable for everyone and is not available in all hosting companies. This type of hosting account is for resale. Some hosting companies provide Re-seller Hosting accounts through which the customer can resell hosting accounts, as if he owns his own hosting company.

With this special type of hosting account, the hosting company will give you a special control panel through which you can create accounts yourself for your clients. In short, you will buy a part of a server, and you will divide and adjust this part, and resell it to other clients as if you yourself were a private hosting company.

6. WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is simply shared hosting like the first type of hosting, but it is meant for sites running the WordPress CMS. It comes ready-made and has some presets and facilities that help the user to make their site through WordPress easier and faster.

It is worth noting that many hosting companies currently provide packages for sites that use WordPress, but you have to understand that you can use WordPress with any type of hosting that has been taken, whether shared or even through a private server… It is all related to some facilities and presets.

  • Note: It should be noted that there is another classification of web hosts according to the operating system, as there are two types of operating systems in which Web Servers operate, namely:
  • Linux: It is mostly specialized in the php programming language and is the most widely used in the web world.

Factors to consider when choosing a hosting company

1. Popularity of the hosting company and the size of its user base

Of course, the more famous the company is in the market and used by a large number of users, the more this is an indication of its quality… it will not succeed in the market unless it is a good company.

2. The volume of available resources.

We have mentioned above two important sources of any hosting company, which are storage space and bandwidth. Of course, the larger or unlimited the resources are, the better.

3. What comes for free with the hosting.

There are a lot of hosting companies that provide free side services, and this of course is very useful for you as a user, because in other cases you can pay for these side services, and among the services that come free with hosting:

  • Free domain.
  • Free SSL Certificate .
  • Virus scanning service.
  • Backup service to the site every day.
  • Transferring the site from other hosts for free.

4. Support service

One of the most important indicators of a hosting company's quality is their support service. You, as a subscriber to one of the hosts, may encounter problems, and here there must be a strong team in the hosting company to solve your problems.

Mostly hosting companies provide various support services which are:

  • Support by phone directly.
  • Support through instant chat.
  • Support by making a reminder of the problem and waiting for a response.

5. Ensure that your site continues to operate without downtime

If the server on which your site is located, this will cause your site to stop working, and therefore you have to make sure that the hosting company ensures that your site remains running all the time without a downtime… This of course depends largely on the quality and efficiency of the servers.

6. Up grad ability

In the world of hosting, the rule says: Do not book hosting that is less than what is required or much higher than what is required, because if you book hosting that is less than what is required, your site will not work efficiently, and if you book hosting that is much higher than what is required, you will pay amounts that you will not benefit from.

What is Web Hosting and What are Its Types
 What is Web Hosting and What are Its Types

Of course, your site will evolve over time, so you need to make sure that the hosting company has solutions that suit your site in its advanced stages, you of course do not want to transfer to a new hosting company every time your site grows to a degree.


I have tried to make this topic more than just answering the question “ What is Web Hosting ”, so I have provided you with many aspects related to hosting, and explained to you its types, with the purpose of making this topic a reference for you in this regard.

If there are questions that I did not answer in the article, feel free to put them in a comment below and I will happily answer them as soon as possible.