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7 Ways to Get More Visitors to Your Website

 7 Ways to Get More Visitors to Your Website

Websites today have become an integral part of any business and an important element of the advertising strategy. Their creation and development is carried out by a whole team of specialists , and all in order to make it pleasant for a potential client to be on the page. But people may not see the site at all in their search enginesif an effective promotion system has not been thought out for it in advance. This article will look at 7 paid and free ways to increase website traffic.

Free ways to promote

1. First, study the content of the page and make sure that the text information located on it is SEO optimized. You can carry out optimization both independently and with the help of re writers. The redesigned articles will be better recognized by search engines and bring the material to the top of the search.
2. If you know sites with a theme close to yours , you can try to contact their administrators and offer mutual advertising. It happens in two ways , either you put each other in the “ partners” tab, or each of you in your service leaves temporary advertising on the opposite one. This way you will overtake traffic and increase your clientele.
3. For online stores, the following strategy will be useful. Place a notice on the site that you will provide a small discount on the product ( 5-10% is enough) if the visitor leaves a link to the site in his social network and recommends you. Most likely , they will do this in Instagram stories , and as you know , there are a lot of active users in this application.
7 Ways to Get More Visitors to Your Website
7 Ways to Get More Visitors to Your Website
4. Make sure your site is viewable on your phone and other compact devices. Because mobile gadgets occupy a leading position for surfing the Internet. And few people will turn on the computer only for your site ( if it is not adaptive).

Paid Options

5. To quickly increase active users, it makes sense to turn to services where you can order traffic to your site . Companies involved in this promotion method will find customers from different sources in accordance with your wishes. The upside is that most of them are willing to provide a free trial showing many features.
6. Order paid advertising from bloggers , they are now opinion leaders and listen to their advice. Most importantly , find those whose blog topics are similar to your business.
7. Set up targeted ads. This advertising method will showcase the website exclusively to your target audience and effectively allocate your advertising budget . To connect the target, it is advisable to contact the target olo gists ( not to be confused with tarologists! :). Competent targetologists will quickly deliver new visitors to the site.


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How to Customize Blogger Website 2022

How to Customize Blogger Website 2022

 I am not a specialist in creating web resources, including a blog on Blogger, so many gurus of this business will find my instructions ridiculous and ridiculous, but, believe me, it was precisely such, at first glance, stupid descriptions that I lacked when I only - I just decided to try my hand at a new business for myself, like creating my own corner on the Internet, and there are more than one newcomers like me left to wander, without much work, through the vast expanses of the World Wide Web ...

Initial Blog Settings 

Well, having decided on the design of your blog (see Blogger Template Designer... ), you can perhaps start filling it with your information, but before that, I would still recommend that you look into some more settings for your blog (let's call them , as the initial or first blog settings on Blogger), to which I dedicate this publication!

1) The first thing I'll start with will be the TITLE / title (a) and DESCRIPTION (b) of your blog, as well as such options from the "Settings / General" menu as blog PRIVACY (c), its ADDRESS (d), AUTHORS ( e) and READERS (e)!

To proceed to editing them, on the management page of your blog, find the "Settings" menu item, and then go to the "Basic" submenu (see Fig. 1)

a) Blog TITLE or title!

Although you already gave a name to your blog when you went through the stage of its creation (see  "How to create your own blog on Blogger (Blogger)?" ), but think over the title again, because, as they say, whatever you call a schooner, that's how it will float , and renaming later is a bad omen!


This is, say, a business card or a welcome word of your resource, therefore, although I am now drawing your attention to this setting, you can not rush to create a description if you have not yet fully decided how best to present your blog to the reader, because being limited to only 500 characters provided by the blogger for this, you must reveal the entire basic concept of your resource, that is, briefly dedicate the visitor to the subject of your project.
The description will be located on all pages of your blog, under the title (see fig. 1/b)


I won’t delve into the nuances of indexing web resources by search engines now (I remind you that this blog is designed for first-graders), so I’ll ask a simple question: “Do you want more Internet users to know about your blog as soon as possible?”
- If your answer is "Yes, I want!", then, after pressing the "Change" button, set the checkboxes (dots) to "Yes / Yes" (Fig. 1 / c - 2);
- If you do not strive for popularity, then, accordingly, we set the checkmarks (dots) to "No / No" (Fig. 1 / c - 3).


Once again think about the domain name of your resource and if you do not want to make any changes to the address, then skip this setting, but remember that editing the address in a month or two or more is again not good, except when you want to attach to my blog a personal domain , but at this stage I do not consider this option!

e) AUTHORS of the blog!

Of course, now it is not at all necessary to invite and add authors to your blog, so you can skip this setting, but if you wish, you can familiarize yourself with the principle of inviting and adding co-authors by reading the publication  "Inviting co-authors (correspondents) to your blog" , as well as I do not consider it superfluous to remind once again thatDO NOT GRANT ADMINISTRATOR RIGHTS ON YOUR BLOG TO UNKNOWN PEOPLE. To publish messages, the rights of the AUTHOR will be enough !!!

f) READERS of the blog!

By default, your blog can be visited and read by any Internet user ("Anyone"), but if you want your blog and publications on it to be available only to a certain circle of Internet users (selected users), then select one of the following values:
- "Only blog authors" - in this case, your blog will be available only to people whom you invited to co-author your resource;
- "Only these readers" - by selecting this, your blog will become available only to those users whom you yourself invite to be readers!
Learn more about sharing information on your blog only to selected people , read on the page "Access to the blog only to selected readers!"

I want to draw your attention to the fact that if you have nothing to hide from prying eyes and, on the contrary, you are eager to share your information with many Internet users, then, of course, in the "BLOG READERS" setting, check the "Anyone" item

On this, perhaps, I will finish the first part of the description of the initial settings of the blog on hosting blogspot (Blogger), so that I can gather my thoughts for further publications, and you will not be overloaded with information!
Continued in "Initial Blog Settings 

How to Customize Blogger Website 2022
How to Customize Blogger Website 2022


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How to Write a SEO Friendly Post on the Blogger Dashboard

 Instructions to Write a SEO Friendly Post on the Blogger Dashboard

A large portion of you might have heard the expression "Search engine oriented". Composing a post or article considering all the SEO factors on the page is one of the primary errands of the article writer. This part gives an itemized clarification of "How to Write a Blogger Post". Web optimization techniques change consistently, you ought to continuously refresh each day. Whenever you compose a post/article, remember the accompanying perspectives:

  1. The feature of the message
  2. Message content
  3. Permalinks
  4. Names
  5. Search Description

The feature of the message

The message title ought to contain 60-70 characters. In the post title, center around the principle catchphrase. Continuously incorporate a long title for your post, don't utilize short titles.

Message content

Quality written substance makes all the difference. Continuously concoct interesting and new substance. Content ought to be 600-800 characters. Continuously start your post with an Introduction and afterward embed the right and fitting picture for your post.
We suggest utilizing Jump. After the picture click on the Jump break choice which you can find in the menu/toolbar above. In your post, utilize a heading, a subheading, and an optional heading. To make the post look perfect and understood To feature any message in a message, use "quote". choice
Assuming your substance is short, ensure it gets more remarks since remarks are additionally added as Google content. For instance, on the off chance that your post has 500 words and the remarks have 150 words, that considers 650 words, not only 500 words.


In blogger you will track down two sorts of permalinks
  1.  Programmed permalink
  2. Custom permalink.
Programmed permalink makes a permalink naturally founded on the post title. A custom permalink implies that you want to determine the permalink physically. I generally suggest utilizing a custom permalink. It ought to contain 4-5 words, be short and convey the right significance.
Write a SEO Friendly Post on the Blogger
Write a SEO Friendly Post on the Blogger


The names demonstrate which specialty you are posting in. Names are helpful for rapidly exploring your site. For instance, on the off chance that you compose 3 posts/articles and give similar mark, every one of the 3 posts fall into a similar classification.
It is prescribed to give 2-3 labels for each post

Search Description

The hunt depiction is the portrayal of your post that is shown to the client when they search on web indexes like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, and so on The inquiry portrayal is an outline of the post/article and lets the peruser know what data they will get by perusing the article. In your pursuit depiction, you are attempting to determine an alternate catchphrase that isn't in the post title. It should contain 150 words


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How to create a blog on Blogger 2022

How to create a blog on Blogger 2022

Step-by-step instructions for creating a blog in the Google service " ". On average, according to this instruction, it turns out to create a blog in 7 - 10 minutes. For some beginners, it takes up to 20-30 minutes. Find out your result, mark the time before you start. A blog is a diary, a web page and a website at the same time. You can use it in completely different directions, writing down your goals, achievements, thoughts, etc. or become famous in a certain niche and earn good money from it. 
Blogger is a platform for creating blogs. With the help of this platform, you can create not only blogs, as in social networks, but also modern sites that are much better ranked in search engines. 

This type of blog can attract more of the target audience.

1. How to create a blog yourself in the Blogger application step-by-step instructions
1. First create a Google account. If you already have it, then go to the second step.
2. Go to the Blogger website and click on the "Create blog" button.
3. The system will ask for a password to make sure that the account is really yours. Enter your Google account password and click "Next".
A window with the title Protect your account will appear in front of you. Skip this step by clicking on the Done button.
4. In a new window, we write the name of the blog, preferably in accordance with its subject.

Blogger blog name

5. Come up with and enter the url address, that is, the domain name. Preferably a short and easy-to-remember name, in Latin!

Blogger blog address

6. Write down your username (nickname), you can use any name and click Done.
blogger the name of the author of the blog
Congratulations, you have got your own blog. To view it, click on the link "View blog". Another very important point. You absolutely need to enable HTTPS connection. You can do this in two clicks. For more information, see the article: Why you need to switch to HTTPS.
2. How to create a blog on Blogger and earn money - Video instructions
Video on the topic "How to create a blog on blogger and earn money":

3. How to blog on Blogger

Many people think that creating a blog is the most difficult, but it also needs to be maintained and promoted. In principle, there is nothing complicated about this, you just simply need to figure out how to do it correctly. For example, I had problems at the beginning because I stubbornly did not want to study simple material. Next, I will try to sort everything out so that you do not have problems with the promotion of the blog.


blogger what are messages for
I think each of you had the experience of maintaining accounts in social networks, where you also need to publish posts - messages. The same principle applies here, except that there are significantly more functions in Blogger than in social networks.


blogger what are pages for
Pages are another tool that serves to promote a blog. Of course, you can do without it, but I still recommend that you familiarize yourself with the material about the pages. It is extremely important to understand under what circumstances they can be useful.


Blogger Blog Layout Design
The design, also known as the layout, is responsible for partially customizing the appearance of your blog. With it, you can customize some elements the way you want. The design shows the structure of the template used, the upper panel with the header and favicon, messages, side and footers. This is one of the most frequently visited sections in Blogger.


Blogger Theme Setting
The Theme section will help you change or customize the template at any time. There are also a number of additional functions, for example, saving a backup copy of the template on your device, in case its settings fly off.


Blogger basic settings
In the Settings section there are many additional features that will certainly help you blog. Yes, there are quite a few settings, but they can be easily sorted out. For me, the most important functions are the Search, Save and Restore content, the Message Template and, of course, Comments. You can also set the blog language here.

Blogger Promotion

Basics of blog promotion on Blogger
To be a successful blogger, you first need to familiarize yourself with the basic material on blog promotion in search engines. After some time, changes occur in Blogger that can negatively affect the position in the search, as soon as this happens, I tell about it in the Blogger Promotion publication and give a recipe for how to avoid this, or fix the situation with new settings.

Website promotion in Google and Yandex

It will be useful for you to learn about the features of website promotion in Google and Yandex search engines.

How much can you earn

How to create a blog and make money on it
Most users create a blog in order to earn money from it. In the article I wrote about the main ways of earning money in a blog and gave an example of how much you can earn.

4. Answers to users' frequent questions

A micro-block with answers to frequently asked questions that relate to the creation and design of a blog on Blogger. If you haven't found the answer to your question, write in the comments.

How much space is available for blogging?

Each newly created Google account is allocated 15 GB of free space. In short, these 15 GB are distributed among all services: Google Drive, Google Photos, etc. You can spend them on a single service or distribute them among the services you need.

How do I find out how much space is left in my account?

Go to the google drive service - In the left panel you will see the Storage subsection where the amount of occupied memory is displayed.

How do I create a new blog if I already have one?

In the control panel, open the list of blogs by clicking on the blog name at the top left. In the list that appears, click on the "New Blog" tab.

How many blogs can I create in total?

You can create a maximum of 100 blogs on one account, no more than 10 per day.

How to create a website on blogger?

To create a website, use Themes \ Templates. With their help, you can recreate the desired type of site, whether it's an online store, landing, news or any other type of website. Examples of sites.

How do I change the name of a blog (domain)?

If you want to change the title of the main title, then check out this material. To change the name of the address (domain), open the Settings - Basic control panel in the Blog Address line, click the Edit link. Remember that after that all your pages at the old address will be deleted, including in search engines. This means that if you had visitors from Google and Yandex, then after renaming the address, there will be no more transitions. Is it possible to create a multi-page blog and how to do it? You can, by publishing pages or messages. See more details here.

What is the traffic on Blogger?

Mostly search engine. Unlike social networks, a Blogger does not have his own tag search database, but has his own community, which is achieved by subscribing. And thanks to email subscription widgets and buttons for reports to social networks, it becomes possible to increase traffic several times.
How to create a blog on Blogger 2022
How to create a blog on Blogger 2022

How to make a blog personal?

Open the Control panel, go to Settings > Permissions. Click on "Read Access" and select the desired option, save the changes.

Why is the blog not displayed in the search?

You need to wait until the search engines find your blog. To speed up the process of getting in your search add a blog to Yandex Webmaster, Google Search Console. Read the instructions. Also check the blog status in the settings, open the control panel - Settings - Privacy here the option: "Scanned by search engines" should be activated.


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How to Make Money from Blogging

How to Make Money from Blogging

As a blogger, you can monetize your blog and earn more than you ever dreamed of. There are no limits to the amount that you can earn per blog post. If you really love blogging, then this is a great business opportunity for you to start making passive income online. However, if you aren’t sure what kind of content you want to write about, you can also use affiliate advertising for free. After all, why not?!

1) Find Niche

There’s a reason for this. Many people make their first money as bloggers in internet marketing. As they learn how to market themselves, they get inspired to do it or they have other people who can help them grow their businesses. You can also find ways to become an SEO expert, so that you can market yourself, sell products, etc.

2) Choose An A-Lister Site

There is no better place for bloggers to launch their online stores than at sites owned by popular and successful bloggers. These blogs are well known and regularly visited by millions of visitors every day. They are one of the most trusted and trustworthy sources on the web as their credibility is unrivaled.

3) Build Your Website Yourself

If you already own a website for your e-store, don’t worry! You can design your website yourself and make it look professional, complete with a beautiful domain name. It is important to point out that building your own website is easy and doesn’t require much technical skills, but it does require some time and money. With proper planning and budget allocation, your site will be ready within an hour or two.

4) Setup Email Campaigns

Email campaigns have become very common nowadays not only because they provide high engagement rates, but also because email marketers use an automated system in order to reach more prospects. Not too many websites offer these services, however many blogs do. In these emails, you can present your valuable knowledge to potential customers and ask them to contact you. For example, if you know someone who wants to buy something online, you can send email to them asking if they would like to try shopping at your store.

5) Create Video Content

There are plenty of video marketing tools that allow you to create videos and share them directly on social media. YouTube and other platforms are full of great channels dedicated to sharing different types of videos. There’s nothing like seeing your product being featured on TV in front of thousands of viewers.

6) Use Social Media Sites

Social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, are also good areas for promoting your blogs. When you post links on social media, it helps people find your blog and read all its articles. Also, posting updates and new posts gives your audience something to do. They can comment, like, or even leave comments! Social media platforms are excellent source of traffic and sales for your existing readers and new customers. Plus, they are extremely cheap.

How to Make Money from Blogging
How to Make Money from Blogging

7) Sell Products Online

One of the easiest ways to earn money online is selling products online. The best way to sell your products online is through eBay or Amazon. Their listings are displayed on top Google search results page, so that anyone searching for any product or service can find them and purchase them without the risk of missing a sale or going broke.

8) Become A Freelancer Writer

If you’re creative and really like writing, consider becoming a freelance writer. Writing is an amazing hobby that has many great opportunities for writers like you to start making money from just this way.

9) Start Your Own Business

If you do not have a business idea yet, you can always hire the help of a local entrepreneur or a copywriter in Australia. Some of those guys/girls might offer to help pay your bills or help run your business. This job can be done remotely thanks to flexible work hours and remote location.

10) Take Care Of Health Problems

You might be dealing with health problems, but you can still earn some extra cash simply by taking care of this problem by selling products online. Do you like eating healthy? Then you can start buying supplements and making your diet healthier. Alternatively, you can become part of fitness group or local gym and help improve their programs or keep track of training sessions that benefit your body and your lifestyle.


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Work on the Internet. Who and what is behind these ads?

Work on the Interne. Who and what is behind these ads?

Social media is full of ads like "Work online, just a few hours a day". They hire everyone: no experience, no education, no maternity leave. They promise a good salary for people without professional skills. We understand what kind of employers they are and what kind of work they offer.

Can it be a real employer?

There is nothing criminal about posting a job ad on social networks, especially when it comes to mass employee search: the reach is wider, advertising costs are lower.

"No financial investments are required, only desire and experience (at least minimal). This kind of work can bring income from 30 thousand rubles a month if you load 15-20 hours a week, " the expert shares.

What if there are scammers?

Of course, there are also ads that are backed by scammers. Some may promise mountains of gold and ask for an entry fee (as a guarantee of their intention to get a job, for example). Others will offer to buy some program or license that is supposedly necessary for work. You can work with third parties only after completing training, of course, paid.

You are suitable for us, but first you need to pass the training, it is paid." You deposit money, maybe even take some short courses. But no one puts you on the staff, and communication with the employer ends there. The employer may say that you did a bad job, 

Here are some other ways to deceive job seekers practiced by scammers pretending to be Online employers:

You are hired, but this organization has not heard anything about the abolition of wage slavery, the salary here is transferred only to the card of a specific bank, and you do not have one. You are given a link to the bank's page, but when the card is ready and you have already been charged for registration and/or maintenance, the employer disappears. They just used you to get money from the bank through an affiliate program.

You are hired and asked to send copies of your documents: passport, TIN, and SNILS. When you send them, the employer disappears from the radar. And after some time, you will find out that someone used your documents to issue a microloan, says Shaidullina.

You see a job ad with a link to additional information, a questionnaire, or a test task attached to it. The link leads to a phishing site that scammers use to collect personal data and passwords from various accounts.

Yes, in order to attract as many victims as possible, attackers promise a decent income in their ads. But you need to understand that no one will pay a lot of money for low-skilled labor. "So, if you are promised 100 thousand rubles of income, it will most likely turn out to be a fraud," Yanin emphasizes.

In addition, the lack of reliable information about the employer (when the information provided contains only a nickname in Telegram or email), as well as the lack of specific tasks and low requirements for candidates should be alerted. "To protect yourself, check the information about the employer (by TIN/OGRN on the website of the Federal Tax Service and" For honest Business"), do not send money and offer employers to formalize cooperation through well-known freelance work services, " Shaidullina suggests.

And these are scammers

And it happens that the offer to earn money is not a job at all, but an invitation to try your luck in an online casino, on binary options or on betting in bookmakers.

"It should be noted here that one of the most common methods of deception is the use of results drawn or "twisted" in favor of the client with an indicative increase in his deposit (which is just a number on the screen), and then a request to pay a commission for withdrawing money. This is exactly the moment of losing money: you transfer the real amount from your card to fraudsters, and the deposit cannot be withdrawn, " the lawyer shares Kirill Reznik.

Work on the Internet
Work on the Internet

The diagram with drawing results applies to everything. Betting — when the site displays the victory of the player (or team) you bet on, but when you double-check in any search engine, it turns out that the result was different. Trading on the stock markets is just a pre-programmed chart of supposedly quoted prices, which has nothing to do with the real situation on the stock and/or currency markets.

"You invest money, they show you your incredible earnings, and then they ask for a large commission for withdrawal. The result is a bit predictable, " the expert warns.


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How to Make Money as a Freelancer on Fiverr

How to Make Money as a Freelancer on Fiverr

Fiverr is the largest online service showcase in the world. It is a site where freelancer services are collected, the initial cost of which is $5.

Fiverr differs from other freelance platforms

Fiverr differs primarily in that you don't need to regularly monitor and search for orders – on the contrary, customers will find you themselves and leave a request for order fulfillment.

Your services on the site are called gigs. This may be related to your professional activity (creating a design, writing an article, auditing a website, and so on), or something unusual like “become a Facebook friend”, “put the customer's logo on a cappuccino foam”, “do something funny on camera” or “sing a greeting song”. There are an infinite number of options, limited only by your imagination.It is not necessary to be able to do something professionally – the main thing is to have a good imagination

Fiverr registration and registration of the service

To register on the site, you need to go to the main page and select the Become a Seller button. You can register via facebook, Google account, or email.

After that, you need to fill out your profile. Upload an avatar that shows your face: the customer will feel more comfortable and comfortable if they communicate with a real person, and not with a picture. Tell us a little bit about yourself and indicate the languages that you are ready to communicate professionally in. Do not forget that you can use Yandex and Google translators: all communication on the site in text form.

In the Professional Skills section, you can choose what kind of employment you are interested in (full-time or part-time), specify all the skills and education you have, upload certificates, and leave the address of your personal website. It is very useful to list all your social networks and sites with a portfolio, this will increase your competitiveness and show you as a professional. Now you can start creating your first gig. In the title, write your sentence in English, which will start with “I will...", then select a category and put tags.

The minimum price on the site is $ 5. You'll get $ 4 out of them, and $ 1 goes to the site.

Before publishing a service, think about what you are willing to do for this amount. In some categories, you can specify a higher initial price, for example, if your field does not have such prices at all. Let's say you're a designer. For a minimum bid of $5, you can draw one cover for a social network group or one banner. But drawing an entire page of the site a priori can not cost so much, so the initial price will be much higher (for example, $50).

You can also create three types of services: Basic, Standard, and Premium, adding a certain number of additional options to each one. This is necessary just for the cases described above: one cover will cost five dollars, and 4 covers, for example, will cost $15. Each package has its own options: for example, you can specify that you give the source code only in the Premium package. Also, the cheapest package usually does not include edits, and the deadline for completing work is longer than in the Standard and Premium versions.

According to statistics, customers most often choose the middle option, so write it down especially carefully.

Promotion on Fiverr

Your first gig is created. What can I do to promote it?

Adding a video clip will help promotion, and the site will automatically raise it in search results. Mount a small video clip, even a slideshow will do. You can also ask your friends to buy your gig and give it a high rating. Gigs with good ratings and reviews inspire more trust, you will have a good reputation, try not to lose it.

What matters is the speed of responding to messages from potential clients and the date when your last job was completed. This is indicated in your profile.

When describing a service, first come up with a catchy name that contains keywords that the customer can use to search for performers. Secondly, write down the tags that are relevant to your service and describe the gig as accurately and in more detail as possible: what it includes, what the client will receive at the exit, and why you should perform the project.

The more specific and clear the service is described, the more likely it is that the customer will find it and place an order for you. Another good description: lists, bold text on key points, clear description of the service Most often, customers first contact via private messages to discuss the order, and only then place the order. Try to respond immediately by installing the app on your phone.

To get more orders through Fiverr, post a link to your profile there in your social networks, conduct current projects through it: this will increase your rating, you will receive additional reviews and rise in the gigs catalog.

How to Make Money as a Freelancer on Fiverr
 How to Make Money as a Freelancer on Fiverr
Fiverr also periodically puts new gigs on the main page. It is not known exactly how the algorithm works, but it was found out by experience that you are more likely to get to the main page after completing 3-4 consecutive works and adding videos to the gig.

Withdraw money from Fiverr

To withdraw your earned money from Fiverr, go to the Selling – Earning menu item.

There are three withdrawal options: Fiverr Revenue Card (this is a card issued in conjunction with the Payoneer payment system, so you can simply link your existing account), PayPal and Bank Transfer (bank transfer). They differ in commissions and the minimum amount of funds withdrawn. The most convenient option is to order a bank card. You can pay with it in any store in any currency around the world, and the conversion will occur automatically.

You can withdraw money in any way only two weeks after it is credited to your account.