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How to lose weight without harm to your health?

 How to lose weight without harm to your health?

Causes of weight gain

Extra pounds appear due to poor nutrition: some nutrients come from food in excess, some-not enough, so the body's needs are not met. Other causes of weight gain:

  • Heredity;
  • Overeating;
  • Sedentary lifestyle;
  • Hormonal failure.

Physiological weight gain in women is noted during pregnancy and lactation. A decrease in the level of female hormones, a slowdown in metabolism during menopause are also one of the reasons for weight gain in women. The causes of excess weight can be determined by a nutritionist.

2 How to lose weight fast?

In order to quickly lose weight at home, you need to calculate how many calories your body spends per day, and reduce the number of calories consumed with food by 10-20%. Recommendations for fast weight loss:

  • Give up sugar;
  • Cook your food with olive oil;
  • Drink green tea;
  • Complete a set of daily workouts;
  • Get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger-satiety comes later;
  • Do not limit yourself to food, choose dishes with a rational ratio of protein, fat, carbohydrates;
  • Pay attention not to the weight, but to changes in the parameters.

Drastic weight loss is considered to be more than 5% in six months in the absence of lifestyle changes (nutrition, exercise). Choose among the possible ways to lose weight the one that is right for you, will help a nutritionist.

3 How to lose weight without dieting?

Lose weight without dieting will help a rational diet, selection of food by the number of calories and the ratio of protein, fat, carbohydrates, rejection of bad habits and lifestyle adjustments. It is necessary to regularly perform physical exercises, choose active types of recreation (hiking, cycling). In order to lose weight without dieting, you need to:

  • Drink more fluids;
  • During the meal, do not be distracted by other things;
  • Use small dishes.

It is also important to avoid stress and get a good night's sleep. When you don't get enough sleep, a lot of hormones are released that cause increased appetite (ghrelin, cortisol). Healthy sleep (7-9 hours) promotes the release of the hormone leptin, which suppresses hunger and is responsible for feeling full.

4 What do you need to eat to lose weight?

In order to lose weight without harm to health, it is recommended to eat often, but in small portions. Between meals, you can eat foods that help to satisfy your hunger:

  • Nuts;
  • Legumes;
  • Apples and pears.

Chili pepper, vinegar, and olive oil added to the main dishes also contribute to rapid satiation. Diet for weight loss includes green tea, cereals, lean meat and fish, green vegetables and fresh fruits. You need to choose low-calorie, balanced protein, fat, and carbohydrate foods to stay full and maintain a caloric deficit.

If you have a chronic medical condition, your doctor should make up your diet plan. The diet for diabetes and other endocrine diseases is selected by an endocrinologist.

5 How many calories do you need per day to lose weight?

In order to lose weight, you need to consume fewer calories than the body spends per day. The daily calorie intake for an adult is calculated using the Mifflin-San Geor formula:

  1. For Women: (10 x weight) + (6.25 x height) - (5 x age) - 161;
  2. For Wen: (10 x weight) + (6.25 x height) - (5 x age) + 5.

The results obtained should be multiplied by a factor of 1.375. For 25-year-old women with a weight of 60 kg and a height of 1.6 m, the calorie rate for men is 1800 kcal, for 25 — year-old men with a weight of 80 kg and a height of 1.8 m-2480 kcal.

If you lead an active lifestyle, do sports in order to lose weight quickly and effectively, you can reduce the caloric content of the diet by 10%. For people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, it is recommended to consume 20% fewer calories than the body consumes per day.

6 How to lose weight during pregnancy?

Normally, during pregnancy, a woman gains about 10 kg (the weight of the fetus, placenta, enlarged uterus, amniotic fluid, adipose tissue). With such weight gain in women, it is forbidden to exhaust themselves with diets — the gained kilograms will effortlessly go away in the first months after giving birth. Weight gain that goes beyond the norm can put a lot of stress on the body of the expectant mother (on the legs, spine), provoke excess weight in the fetus. To lose weight during pregnancy without harm to the child, you need to:

  • Eat a healthy and varied diet;
  • Avoid eating fast food, baked goods, carbonated drinks, pickled foods, pickles;
  • Eat frequently and in small portions;
  • Plan your last meal 3 hours before bedtime;
  • Drink enough water;
  • Lead an active lifestyle (daily walks).

During pregnancy, it is important not to limit the use of vitamins and minerals. Among the mandatory trace elements that must enter the body of a woman during the period of carrying a child are iodine, iron, calcium, folic acid, vitamin D.

7 How to lose weight after giving birth?

After giving birth, a woman's body is weakened, and she needs time to recover resources. It is recommended to plan a weight loss program when lactation is established, the mother gets a good night's sleep, feels comfortable and has no contraindications. Proper weight loss without harm to the woman and child does not happen quickly — this process can take up to a year.

In the first month after giving birth, you can do minor physical exercises only in the supine position, and a little later you can start warming up in the sitting position. A woman can start sparing sports (yoga, aqua aerobics, pilates) 1-1. 5 months after giving birth naturally and 1.5-2 months after cesarean section. And only for 4-5 months after the birth of a child, a woman can start full-fledged training in order to lose weight after childbirth.

8 How to lose weight for a teenager?

In adolescence, the desire to lose weight can be caused not so much by extra pounds, but by the influence of social standards and dissatisfaction with appearance. Weight gain for no reason can be a symptom of endocrine diseases, so before you go on a diet, you need to consult a nutritionist and an endocrinologist.

Rules that will help a teenager lose weight:

  • Actively engage in sports, attend interest groups (gymnastics, boxing, football, volleyball);
  • While writing homework or playing games on the computer, take warm-up breaks;
  • Don't skip major meals;
  • Stick to a 1:1: 4 ratio of protein, fat, and carbohydrates in your diet;
  • Eat steamed, boiled or stewed food;
  • Take fruits and vegetables with you as snacks;
  • Add more protein foods to the diet (eggs, milk, legumes), which is good for satisfying hunger;
  • Limit the use of carbonated drinks, muffins, and sweets.

For a teenager, the support of loved ones is extremely important — it is recommended to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and correct eating habits for all family members. Also an important aspect is the organization of joint outdoor activities.

9 Why does not lose weight on interval fasting?

How to lose weight without harm to your health?
 How to lose weight without harm to your health?
Interval fasting involves dividing the day into two periods. During the first half of the day, you can eat, the rest of the time you need to refrain from eating. There are different schemes: 13/11, 16/8, 18/6, 36/0 (the first number indicates the hours of nutrition, the second-the hours of fasting).

When fasting, the body experiences stress and begins to use up its own reserves of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Weight loss in the first day of the diet is due to the burning of carbohydrates, later-due to protein and fat. Protein stores are located in the muscle tissue, if their amount decreases, the metabolism slows down. Fat deposits are burned in the very last place. Therefore, the best way to lose weight is to choose the right diet and exercise at the consultation of a nutritionist.

10 How to speed up your metabolism and lose weight?

Weight loss can be complicated by a slow metabolism caused by gastrointestinal diseases, endocrine pathologies, and genetic predisposition. An endocrinologist and nutritionist will help you lose hormonal weight.
To speed up your metabolism and lose weight, you need to follow the rules:
  • Do not skip breakfast, the first meal should fall 40-50% of the daily diet;
  • Observe the drinking regime;
  • Eat more protein foods (eggs, legumes, nuts, meat), fiber, and fresh fruits and vegetables.;
  • Engage in aerobic exercise (running, swimming, cycling);
  • Eat small portions every 3-4 hours;
  • Avoid fatty foods;
  • Take a walk in the fresh air every day;
  • Rationally allocate hours of work and rest (sleep 7-8 hours a day);
  • Give up bad habits.

It is necessary to include in the diet simple carbohydrates (cabbage, cereals, dried apricots, raisins), as well as foods rich in vitamin D (seafood, butter), iron (nuts, beef, seaweed, red fish), calcium (milk, cottage cheese, cabbage).


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Golden Dollar Exchange Rate — The Most Honest Review

 Golden Dollar Exchange Rate — The Most Honest Review 

The Golden Dollar exchange rate from Vika Samoilova allegedly allows you to earn $ 3,500 a month on mediation on freelance exchanges. Is this really the case or are there pitfalls? Let's check it out!

Gold Dollar

Let's go straight to the essence of earnings, and it is very simple: You take expensive orders on a foreign freelance exchangeв in dollars. Then you transfer the order on the Russian freelance exchange in rubles to the contractor, but this time it is cheaper. After completing the order, you will receive the difference between the order price and the cost of the completed work.

It seems like everything is simple, but in fact it is not! For those who do not want to read the article, you can just watch the video below about the Gold Dollar exchange rate, and for the rest I will continue.

I agree only with the fact that the course is suitable for beginners, and then only in order to earn $ 10 a month. I am sure that many people will not be able to do more, not to mention some 3,500 dollars a month. Simply put, this is another whore! And I'll explain why, if you haven't watched the video above.

First of all, you will already have to invest money even for the first order. Now freelance exchanges work in such a way that if you transfer an order to a performer, then you must have money on your balance, which is temporarily "frozen". Then, after completing the order, they are transferred to the person who completed it. The first myth is dispelled that you don't need to invest anything at all.

Golden dollar exchange rate reviews

Now let's move on to the most important thing. What is the catch and why you should not buy the Gold Dollar exchange rate? Although I am sure that all pseudo-gurus are actively advertising it now, because it is in the first positions in sales in Glopart:

Sales of the gold dollar exchange rate

Millions of people work on English-language freelance exchanges, and many of them are from China, India and other countries of the world. The competition is fierce, and where there is competition, there will always be a price cut.

Even if you reduce your own price for services, then Hindus and Chinese are willing to work for $ 1 a day, and especially Hindus. In short, you will not be able to outwit anyone. There is simply nowhere to reduce the price. Pakistani also have their own freelance exchanges for example, where performers sit and work for only $ 5.

The second myth that Victoria Samoilova says about earning one order on an American service of 400-600 dollars has been dispelled. Well, no one will give you such an order as a beginner, believe me. It will only be given to a large advertising agency, company, or freelancer with extensive experience and experience.

For those who need a simple logo or something else, they go to Fiverr, which I mentioned above and orders not one, but several and for only $ 5! And there are no intermediaries working there, but real performers who know English. Our equivalent is the Quark service, where you can order such a logo for 500 rubles.


Next, Vika Samoilova writes about prices on Pakistani freelance exchanges. That the price of a logo is between 1,000 and 3,000 PKR. Yes, we will agree with that! You can find it even cheaper on Kwork for 500 PKR

Total at the Gold Dollar exchange rate

That is, what we get and what we are left with. Forget about orders of $ 400-600, because you'll never get them. Even if you reduce the price to beat the competition, how much, up to $ 5? There's just a lot of competition in this segment.

Even if the customer chooses you and you get this $ 5, then what will you do next? Find a performer in Russia for 500 rubles and order from them? Even in this way, you will not earn anything or will still be in debt.

Another fairy tale of Victoria Samoilova about the gold dollar fails. There is a huge amount of competition in the freelance market, and if you don't have any experience or feedback, then as a beginner it is very difficult for you to break through, especially in an English-language exchange where there are millions of performers.

Vika Samoilova has other courses, for example, A new Twist that we already wrote about and put it in questionable courses. I am 99% sure that she herself does not work on her courses! She earns her own money by selling her miracle courses, where she talks about easy money. And we know that making money online is not so easy.

And the money that she demonstrates in her videos on the selling site of the Golden Dollar course, she earned by selling her courses. Selling courses to beginners and naive people who dream of easy money is her specialty..

Reviews of the Golden Dollar exchange rate

The money that Vika Samoilova so actively demonstrates to us is definitely not income from reselling logos, but income from selling her courses. That is, of course, I'm not saying that this is a scam and you can't earn money on a freelance exchange, but you need to do it yourself and learn it all the time.

Of course, you will never see such money from mediation at the "Golden Dollar" rate. You can certainly get some individual orders for a penny, but $ 3,500 a month is another myth for you. Being a complete beginner and not knowing the programs, having no experience, it is difficult to start earning such amounts just like that.

Golden Dollar Exchange Rate — The Most Honest Review
 Golden Dollar Exchange Rate — The Most Honest Review 

Such a simple and harsh reality awaits you if you buy a course and can't create your own logo. And if you want to start trying to earn money in this way, then you don't need to buy any courses! Just type in the Yandex or Google search engine "foreign freelance exchanges" or go to the site , please register and try to get at least one order, just for a test, you may not even need to fulfill it later.

Or you can register on dozens of similar freelance exchanges and in a month you will understand for sure that you will never receive orders of $ 400-600, and even an order of $ 5 is unlikely.

We do not recommend that you buy the "Golden Dollar" exchange rate, as it will be mostly wasted money for 90%. And we recommend that you look at the category "Proven courses", which you can really earn money on.

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Health Tips can Help you stay Healthy

 Health Tips can Help you stay Healthy

In our daily lives we are constantly being counseled about what to do and what to avoid to keep our lives healthy and strong. Although it is difficult to achieve this in any case, there are some things that everyone should keep in mind to make life better.

Health tips can help you stay healthy

Avoid smoking and avoid getting too close to where they drink 

Smoking is bad for your health, both for you and for those around you. It is at the forefront of cancer and respiratory diseases that are difficult to treat.

Try to eat fruits and vegetables

Focus on fruits and vegetables and avoid foods that are high in fat. Fruits are known to be rich in vitamin C and this vitamin in general contributes to boosting the immunity of your body. Vegetables also contain vitamin A which is known for eye protection and helps with other things. Not only this, with the help of protein you can get all the nutrients in the body.

Exercise often

Exercise is important for people of all ages, young and old, women or men, as it burns the body fat, releases waste and lungs and the heart. At least 30 minutes a day of exercise should not be missed in your daily routine. Sport is a great way to keep your body functioning properly

Have a balanced weight

When we talk about weight loss; is to have a weight equal to your height.
  • It's called the BMI (Body Mass Index), which is the rate at which you take your weight and reduce your Height by two meters.
  • BMI = body mass / (length × length)
  • The optimal rate is still between 18.5 and 24.9
If you are over 25 you have a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes

Reduce the amount of alcohol you drink

Alcohol is one of the most controversial beverages in the world.
Only in general if you drink alcohol try not to exceed 2 to 3 per woman, and between 3 and 4 per man. To find out how to calculate these measurements read the article on how they are measured.  Too much alcohol damages the liver, reproductive system, brain and even causes a variety of family problems

Avoid sunburn

The morning and evening sun are important because they provide the body with the vitamin D it needs and help the bones to strengthen and use calcium properly.
However, the skin can cause skin cancer, damage to the eyes and dehydration. It is important to protect yourself and your children in particular. If you have to work in the sun, wear sunglasses and light clothing to avoid black and red.

Avoid unprotected sex

As long as you have sex with your spouse, it is best to remember the condom because it will protect you from contracting sexually transmitted infections and AIDS. These diseases have a variety of adverse effects on health, and AIDS has not been cured so far.

Examine it

Self-examination does not require you to be ill, but it does help you to take better care of yourself
Most of us remember to diagnose ourselves when we are sick. However, it is important to remember that pre-illness screening has many benefits. At least 2 times a year you should have a blood pressure test, blood sugar, cancer, eye and dental hygiene and more.
Health Tips can Help you stay Healthy
 Health Tips can Help you stay Healthy

Learn to use the road

Even before you get a driver's license, you have to learn the rules of the road. If you are a pedestrian while walking on the road consider taking a right and left look before crossing the road and walking in a designated area for pedestrians. If you drive a vehicle that complies with the law it will protect you.

Fight stress as much as possible

Stress is difficult to prevent, especially since bad stress can come suddenly (dismissal, loss, separation from friends, etc.). Yet also letting go of your thoughts is the worst. Because there are mental illnesses, weight loss, depression and loneliness, diarrhea, heart disease and many more.
Talking to friends, singing and dancing, listening to music, traveling, massage are some of the things that can help you fight stress.
Here are 10 health tips that can help you stay healthy and adhere to it to prevent many different diseases.


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The Best AdSense Alternatives In 2022

The Best AdSense Alternatives In 2022

You are not allowed access to Google AdSense for any reason? No need to worry about this, there are various AdSense alternatives available online for publishers. You can apply for any of the programs described below and continue monetizing your online content. Most programs are better than AdSense in some ways, for example, payment via PayPal is easy and hassle-free, unlike processing payments via checks in AdSense for most countries.

Why Consider other Ad Networks?

Even if you are not banned from accessing AdSense, it is wise to increase your online revenue from a variety of sources, rather than relying solely on AdSense. What's more, you can also combine any of these add-on programs on your website with AdSense ads, so that you can use them multiple times. increase your income. The only rule is that other ads should not look like AdSense ads. For example, you can combine Info links embedded ads in your content along with AdSense ads. This is one of the best AdSense combinations for generating high returns. However, you must disable ads with similar tags in Info links, which is similar to AdSense link block ads.

There are many AdSense alternatives available to publishers, and there are many opportunities to make money in each category. Below are the most popular alternative AdSense programs in terms of usage and payment processing.

1 Contextual advertising

Bidvertiser: Use BidVertiser to display ads on your website or blog and earn money for each click. However, Bidvertiser has a limited pool of ads with a rotation of identical ads. The minimum payout is $ 10, and you can pay through your account. PayPal.

Clicksor: one of the best alternative programs Google AdSense offers webmasters to show contextual advertising on their sites. More than 10 ad formats are available, including embedded text links, text banners, image banners, and pop-ups. Clicksor shares up to 85% of the advertiser's payment with webmasters and 10% of the referral program commission. The minimum payment amount is $ 50 via PayPal or check, and payments are made very quickly. However, they have some restrictions on joining, such as 5,000 page views per day or 150,000 page views per month.

2 Embedded ads

Info Links: The In-Text advertising network displays ads based on keywords that are part of your content. After implementing Info links, it will highlight keywords in your content and underline them with a double underscore. An ad link appears when the user hovers over a keyword, and you earn revenue every time the user clicks on the ad link.

3. Info links in text ads

This is great for generating an additional source of revenue without compromising your ad space, and they also share high revenue with publishers. It also offers ads in search, tags, and frames in addition to ads in text.

  1. Info links in ads in tags
  2. Info links in search ads

Embedded advertising is also provided by ad networks such as Clicksor and Kontera.

Chitika: The creator of the very popular eMini shopping malls, Chitika was the first true alternative to Google AdSense. Now they're selling a new innovative advertising product, "Search Targeted Advertising," which basically helps you monetize traffic from search engines without reducing your other ad revenue. Chitika replaced Yahoo!ads Publisher Network after a partnership with Yahoo!

4 CPM networks

Value Click Media: one of the best CPM networks with the highest payouts. It is a NASDAQ-listed company with the symbol VCLK, which makes it more reliable for publishers. It offers various ad formats, including banners and pop-ups.

Voxant Newsroom: one of the most productive CPM ad networks. You can earn US $ 0.50 per thousand impressions for auto-playing video streams and US $ 3.50 for other video streams. You can easily embed video streams to keep visitors on your site. Voxant pays publishers via Paypal without a minimum limit for a specific month. The disadvantage is that the program only counts traffic from the United States, so it is more suitable for publishers from the United States.

Tribal Fusion: one of the best CPM ad networks with a minimum payment of $ 50 via check. However, only sites with a minimum of 500,000 unique visitors per month are eligible to apply.

5 Paid blogging

Pay Per Post: A paid blog network that pays for reviewing the advertiser's products and services. On average, you can earn $ 10 for each paid review and $ 20 for the first opportunity after registration. The publisher's blog must be older than one month.

Sponsored Reviews: An online marketplace where publishers can place bids for writing a review about a possible deal. Excellent transparency and 65% payouts.

Review Me: A marketplace that is very suitable for larger bloggers who have good content review capabilities. Usually, your site will be added to the marketplace after approval, and advertisers will pay you to post reviews of their products on your site. There is no minimum payment for PayPal.

6 Partner Networks

Click Bank: the largest partner marketplace for digital products. It shares up to 75% of affiliated product sales entities.

Amazon: another popular partner service for almost all types of products.

There are also many products that offer affiliate marketing opportunities for online publishers. Some of the best examples include web hosting companies and VPNs.

7 Ads with static links

Text Link Ads:It is one of the largest text link services offering static link ads in HTML format. The advantage of ads with static links is that the advertiser will not only get targeted traffic, but also get a high ranking in search engines, since their links will be more popular from ads with text links. Here you can sell simple, relevant text ads on your website and receive payment via PayPal without any minimums.

AdSense banned? - Here are the best AdSense alternatives

The real problem with ads with text links is that they provide PHP ad code, so you need to change the root directory if you are using .html pages. If you are using shared hosting services, you may need to request that the hosting service provider change the root directory, which is not possible for many service providers.

8 Other ad networks

Advertise your Game (AYG): best suited for niche entertainment sites. Serve in-game ads and pay based on CPC. One of the best advertising networks on our gaming and video sites.

CPMStar: An online advertising network dedicated to gamers. It works best on themed entertainment sites, such as videos, photos, and other topics. They were an exclusive network some time ago, but now they are more open to accepting smaller publishers.

Controversies: a pop-up advertising network with an effective price per thousand impressions of up to $ 1.20.

Infinity Ads: Offers pop-ups and pop-ups and pays you for every thousand ad impressions displayed on your website or blog. The advantage of this ad network is that all types of sites are allowed, and sites are automatically approved after you submit a request. The average payment rate according to their website is $ 1.80 per thousand impressions, and the minimum payout is $ 5 via PayPal, check, or wire transfer.

AdBrite, which was considered one of the best alternatives to AdSense, shut down its website and stopped working. This clearly indicates that site owners should not rely solely on ad revenue from a single source.

9 Trading platforms

In our opinion, marketplaces are one of the best alternatives to Google AdSense. This works in a similar way to AdSense, and you must insert the ad code after receiving approval from them. However, the difference is that the agency on the marketplace will receive approval from advertisers for your site. With algorithmic advertising, you can earn much more than Google AdSense.

The Best AdSense Alternatives In 2022
The Best AdSense Alternatives In 2022

Popular marketplaces include Buy Sell Ads and They use title bids, ad refresh technology, ad blocker detection, and sticky ads to make more money from your content.

Closing remarks

Gone are the days when online publishers need to rely on Google to monetize their content. Currently, there are many alternatives in various formats to choose from. So don't worry, if you are banned from using Google AdSense, apply for another program and continue making money online.


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One It's important to know the diagnosis of obesity is made when the waist in men is more than 94 cm, in women - more than 80 cm at any height. Correctly measure at the level of the navel we must remember: we eat to live, and not "we live to eat" our recommendations are not a short-term diet, this is how every person who wants to be healthy, live longer and better should eat.

Remember, for weight loss, 80% is proper nutrition, 20% is exercise.

Physical activity can be started with walking 30 minutes 3 times a week, gradually increasing the frequency and intensity of training (target speed - 6 km / h, walk 3 kilometers daily in 30 minutes) is considered good intensity. Biking, swimming, running, team sports also help well: volleyball, football, basketball, tennis. In good weather, it is preferable to practice outdoors, in the morning, while there is strength and the air is still not heavily polluted with exhaust gases.

The amount of fluid consumed - 30 ml / kg in healthy people, 40 ml / kg - in obese people, but not more than 4 liters per day. Try to drink alkaline non-carbonated water, the pH of which approaches 7. The alkaline or acidic state of water can be determined by special test strips for the oral cavity, which are sold in pharmacies. Here are some examples of water pH measured by us: Elbrus - 7.0; Aqua Dombai - 6.5; Pilgrim - 4.5; springs of the Caucasus - 4.5; Mountain Top - 4.5 (from this it follows that preference is given to Elbrus from Cherkessk and Aqua Dombay)

Food should be varied and balanced. From protein products, preference is given to meat of red fatty varieties (beef, lamb), fish (desirable wild, not farm-grown which is grown out of will), eggs, sour-milk products. Eliminate completely fast carbohydrates (sweets, sugary drinks, white flour products). Replenish carbohydrates through vegetables and fruits, preferably fresh go to bed no later than 22.30, the duration of sleep is at least 7-8 hours. The sleep hormone melatonin is a fat burner. You need to sleep in a well-ventilated room with fresh air, at a temperature of +19 degrees

More information about the principles of a healthy lifestyle can be found  HERE.

Products that can be consumed without restriction

  • cabbage (all kinds), mushrooms, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers
  • lettuce, greens, spinach, sorrel
  • tea, coffee without sugar and cream
  • drinking non-carbonated water

Meat (lamb, turkey, veal, beef). Exclude chicken, it contains a lot of hormones and antibiotics (you can only eat homemade chicken) wild fish zucchini, eggplant, beets, carrots, green beans, radishes, radishes, turnips, green peas (vegetables can be consumed raw, boiled, steamed, baked, frying is not recommended) The use of fats (butter, mayonnaise, fats) in cooking is not allowed.

Foods to eat in moderation

Milk and dairy products of normal fat content, and preferably homemade. Do not use low fat dairy products!!! boiled potatoes, preferably steamed mature grains of legumes (peas, beans, lentils) whole grain cereals (no more than 6 tablespoons per serving). Exclude semolina, white rice, instant cereals

  • soups vegetable, meat and fish, cooked on the second broth
  • pasta cooked al dente (durum wheat only) (no more than 6 tablespoons per serving)
  • bread and baked goods - not rich (preferably wholemeal or whole grain bread, 1-2 slices per day)
  • fruits (other than those specified in the “exclude” paragraph)
  • nuts, seeds
  • eggs

“Moderate” means half of your usual portion. Food should be as natural as possible, "roughly cooked" - better under cooked than overcooked.

Foods to Avoid or Limit as Much as Possible

  • vegetable oil (2 tablespoons per day are allowed, preferably vegetable, linseed) and only unrefined mayonnaise exclude meat grown with hormones and antibiotics, usually pork and chicken
  • smoked meats, sausages, sausages, sausages
  • canned meat, fish
  • sugar, honey
  • fruits and berries: bananas, grapes, dates, watermelon, melon
  • jams
  • sweets, chocolate (if you really want to - 1/4 bar of dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 70-90%)
  • pastries, cakes and other confectionery
  • biscuits, pastry products
  • ice cream
  • sweet drinks (coca-cola, fanta, etc.)

Alcoholic drinks (250 ml of dry red wine is allowed, 50-100 ml of vodka - a maximum of 2 times a week). Eliminate beer completely!

Any cooking method is allowed (baking, boiling, steaming, grilling, in a pan), the main thing is without adding fats. Try to use utensils that allow you to cook food without adding fat (steamer, special pans, oven, grill).

5 Easy ways to lose weight

The basis of nutrition is vegetables (except corn) and meat remember that vegetable fats are higher in calories than animal fats. Reception of red grades of meat and fish is preferable. The calorie content of alcohol is approaching the calorie content of fat, it should be limited as much as possible.

Obesity means insulin resistance (see what it is on the Internet). Each meal causes an increase in insulin in the blood. Hyper insulinemia itself causes a pronounced feeling of hunger, especially in the evening. Such patients literally “swept away” everything in the refrigerator in the evening after work. Therefore, obese people are advised to eat as little as possible (3 times a day, preferably 2), while using larger portions (you can eat more often with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and with intense physical exertion). 

Recommendations for more frequent, fractional meals here have no scientific validity. The appointment of drugs that reduce insulin levels can significantly reduce appetite, improve human metabolism. Well reduces appetite water with lime or lemon control the level of vitamin D in the blood. With its deficiency, take in the correct dose, which should be determined by a competent doctor

If you want to eat, drink water. The thirst center in the brain is next to the hunger center. Therefore, the lack of water in the body can be taken for a feeling of hunger. half an hour before you sit down at the dinner table, drink an aperitif. A glass of water, tea without sugar, a cup of vegetable broth. Drinking 500 ml of water before each main meal contributes to 44% more weight loss. A feeling of fullness in the stomach will make you content with a smaller amount of food. Sweet, sour drinks, strong meat broths that stimulate the appetite will not work

The last meal should be no later than 2 hours before bedtime. There is an old saying: "Eat breakfast yourself, share lunch with a friend, give dinner to the enemy" start lunch or dinner not with the main course, but with a low-calorie snack, such as a hard-boiled egg, a green salad. Good grated carrots, celery, cucumbers give preference to seasonings that do not stimulate the appetite. Sprinkle food liberally with dill, parsley, mint, savory, cumin salt retains water, it should be limited as much as possible. Replace, at least partially, salt with lemon juice store-bought fruit juices, which are necessarily added sugar, prefer natural fruits cookies, chocolate, jam, other sweets. Down with the temptation!!!

There should be a lot of food on the plate. Cook light meals that can be visually enlarged

As you know, food is fun. So stretch it out! Do not swallow hastily in a hurry. Chew each bite well. Perhaps, if 10-15 minutes pass between the change of dishes, you can easily refuse to continue lunch or a sweet dessert.

It is often difficult to immediately give up long-term habits and addictions. Do not immediately go on a strict diet, denying yourself everything. Start slowly - to begin with, give up two or three of your favorite foods (ice cream, cakes, chocolates). Then, other high-fat foods can be gradually added to the list of prohibited foods. If your habit includes a late dinner, start to gradually shift the time of eating to an earlier time, every day by 10-15 minutes. Also, gradually begin to increase physical activity.

 It is not necessary to immediately start with intensive fitness, walking in the fresh air or light gymnastics is better. In any case, after training, there should be no discomfort. If the loads are very high and cause discomfort, then subconsciously you will try to avoid them, more professionally and individually you can choose food by consulting a nutritionist


How to choose a blog theme: detailed instructions for beginners

How to choose a blog theme: detailed instructions for beginners

Hello friends.welcome you to my blog. My reality show is gaining momentum and I hope that the materials I publish will be useful to you as instructions for creating your own personal blog. Today I will tell you how to choose a topic (niche) for a blog, and at the end of the article, according to the established tradition, I will tell you how I chose a topic for And some of you, after reading this information, will choose niches for your sites that you didn't even think about before.

Which niche to choose

Each of us has acquired certain skills in a particular field over the course of our lives. You have acquired a profession in which you have been working for more than one year and are a good specialist. Yes, because in fact, many people do not like what they do. The job they work in is a burden to them and they are reluctant to accept it. And the working day passes, with one thought: "When will it end?"

And in this situation, how long do you think you can keep a personal blog? I think that a little.

Let's do a little survey.

Write in the comments the answer to the question: Do you like your profession or what you are currently doing?

Personally, I am sure that there will be more people who don't like what they do. Another thing is if someone has a favorite activity (hobby) in addition to work and they are very happy to do it. In this situation, you can already create a blog in this niche and write about your passion, gathering like-minded people around you. Remember, the most important thing is to be in love with your niche and believe in it. Otherwise, it just won't work. If you find it difficult to choose from your hobbies then use the free method How to find your favorite thing in 4 steps

Where to look if I can't do anything

Suppose you don't like what you're currently doing, and you don't have any hobbies, but you still want to start a blog to create additional or basic income.

What should I do in this situation?

Do not be alarmed by various site ratings that will come to the rescue here. Where sites are collected and divided into thematic categories.

  • Here is a list of the most popular ratings in Runet:
  • Go through these ratings and see the categories and sites in these categories.
  • What people write about, recommend, and advertise.
  • Spend a week on this activity instead of half a day. See which category and theme you like best.
  • There you will find very interesting blogging topics.

Here, for example, in the LiveInternet rating there is a very interesting category "Home and Family", in which mothers who are on maternity leave or are going only, as well as housewives or just girls, can find topics for themselves. Some might say that there are a lot of competitors in these niches.

And where are they not now? Just somewhere there are fewer of them, and somewhere more.

It was in 2010 that you could choose a niche where they did not exist yet. Now the situation has changed. And you will have to fight for a place in the sun. And if you are not ready, then it is better not to start. You'll just need to get a good look at these competitors and do your best to make things better than they have. I'll talk more about this in the following articles, so sign up for updatesso you don't miss them.

True, there is another way to choose a topic that will have the least number of competitors, but those who read the article to the end will find out about it. Now, let's talk about niche profitability.

How to determine profitability

This question interests everyone. Here you have chosen a topic, and whether it is profitable, whether it will bring you income. Let's deal with this.

How to find affiliate programs by topic

The first thing you should do is check whether there are affiliate products in this niche, recommending which you can start making a profit already at the initial stage of blogging. After all, partner products are one of the stable incomes of site owners. I wrote about this in more detail in the article: Earning money on a blog: all the main ways Now the question arises, where can I find them? It's very simple.

On the websites of your future competitors, use the ratings described in the article above. In special catalogs of information products, here is one of them: And here is one that I think is suitable for all niches at the moment. This is an EPN affiliate program, it includes the largest online stores such as AliExpress, Ozon. There you can get your own percentage for the sale of any product.

Profitability based on contextual advertising

Many people put this type of monetization in the first row. But personally, I decided to go a little different way. And I put affiliate programs in the first row. Because I know how advertising works. And knowing the principle of operation of this ad for this type of earning money, you can not worry. Many simply do not take this into account, because they do not know.

If you want to see how it works. Although I'm sure you've seen it all before, you just haven't thought about it.

Do the following:

Go to any online store, let's say computer components, and look at a few products, read reviews and specifications. After that, go to any other site that has ads installed and see what ads will be served to you. I think you guessed it. Ads with offers of the same computer components that you saw in the store or products that are usually bought with them. This way, blog users will be served ads based on their interests. And the CPC will naturally be different.

Now you understand what the trick is. Ads will still be served regardless of your chosen niche. If you have any doubts after all, I suggest you check your niche with one tool.

I teach it on the following topics:

  1. Earning money online
  2. Computer literacy
  3. Creating a blog

Now follow the link to the service "Wordstat" and in the field enter the above phrases in turn and click pick up. And here's what we get.

  • The phrase earning money on the Internet
  • Computer literacy
  • Creating a blog

As you can see, the indicators are very impressive. And do not forget to pay attention to the "Similar queries" column, where you can find very good options that will suit you, for example, for a separate category.

My actions when choosing a niche

So, how I thought and what I did when choosing my niche.

1 Let's see what skills I had


Veterinary paramedic – after completing his studies, he did not work a single day in his specialty. This topic doesn't turn me on or interest me. Higher education-the direction of State and municipal administration. The topic is not interesting. I graduated only for promotion in the Penal Correction System.


Service in the penitentiary system – this topic is clearly not suitable for a blog, everything is written in the orders for it. If only the book" Memoirs of an employee " is written. Electrician is the profession I currently work in. I work because it is convenient: on shifts and near the house only 60 km.


Computers are my hobby. I like to dig into them.

My dream is to start earning money online.

I threw out my education and work experience, as I belong to the category of people who don't like what they do. There are still computers, and a dream. I combined them and as a result this blog was created.

And I would also like to say to those who will have to choose a completely new topic. Don't be afraid to start studying it and write about it.

Again, I will give an example of myself. I'll tell you a secret, I still consider myself a beginner in the topic of earnings and do not earn huge sums on the Internet. But I have a wish and a dream. And I'm trying to implement it. I write in the blog what I learned and did that in the future will allow me to become a pro in this business.

And I don't think that something might not work out. I'm just sure that everything will work out and I will fulfill my dream. And the results of this reality show will be an example for beginners.

2 Choosing affiliate programs

If you look at the catalogues of courses, you will see that it is for earning money on the Internet and for studying a computer that there are simply a huge number of them. So you don't have to worry about it.

3 Contextual advertising

As I wrote earlier, I don't worry about advertising. There will be clicks in any case.

4 Additional verification tool

You saw the results in this article just above. The competition in this niche is just huge, but having formed the semantic core, I realized that there is still a place to turn around.

For the most patient users

As promised, at the end of the article I will tell you about another way to select a niche. To do this, you need to follow trends in various areas. And where do we tell you about new products? In the news, of course.

Here is a small example.

Let's take cryptocurrency, when it appeared, the fastest sites on this topic were created by someone, who added a separate category. And we have achieved good results. Even today, if you take statistics from Wordstat, you can see that there are 459,562 requests per month, and I didn't look at the similar column. Although the hype in this topic has passed, but it is still popular and brings income.

How to choose a blog theme: detailed instructions for beginners
How to choose a blog theme: detailed instructions for beginners

So follow the news there for sure, which you will find.


This is all I wanted to write about the choice of blog topics. I hope the information was useful for you and will help you in your endeavors.


Sunday, February 6, 2022

7 Ways to Get More Visitors to Your Website

 7 Ways to Get More Visitors to Your Website

Websites today have become an integral part of any business and an important element of the advertising strategy. Their creation and development is carried out by a whole team of specialists , and all in order to make it pleasant for a potential client to be on the page. But people may not see the site at all in their search enginesif an effective promotion system has not been thought out for it in advance. This article will look at 7 paid and free ways to increase website traffic.

Free ways to promote

1. First, study the content of the page and make sure that the text information located on it is SEO optimized. You can carry out optimization both independently and with the help of re writers. The redesigned articles will be better recognized by search engines and bring the material to the top of the search.
2. If you know sites with a theme close to yours , you can try to contact their administrators and offer mutual advertising. It happens in two ways , either you put each other in the “ partners” tab, or each of you in your service leaves temporary advertising on the opposite one. This way you will overtake traffic and increase your clientele.
3. For online stores, the following strategy will be useful. Place a notice on the site that you will provide a small discount on the product ( 5-10% is enough) if the visitor leaves a link to the site in his social network and recommends you. Most likely , they will do this in Instagram stories , and as you know , there are a lot of active users in this application.
7 Ways to Get More Visitors to Your Website
7 Ways to Get More Visitors to Your Website
4. Make sure your site is viewable on your phone and other compact devices. Because mobile gadgets occupy a leading position for surfing the Internet. And few people will turn on the computer only for your site ( if it is not adaptive).

Paid Options

5. To quickly increase active users, it makes sense to turn to services where you can order traffic to your site . Companies involved in this promotion method will find customers from different sources in accordance with your wishes. The upside is that most of them are willing to provide a free trial showing many features.
6. Order paid advertising from bloggers , they are now opinion leaders and listen to their advice. Most importantly , find those whose blog topics are similar to your business.
7. Set up targeted ads. This advertising method will showcase the website exclusively to your target audience and effectively allocate your advertising budget . To connect the target, it is advisable to contact the target olo gists ( not to be confused with tarologists! :). Competent targetologists will quickly deliver new visitors to the site.